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January 2018 Goals

Inspire · Life · January 3, 2018

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Here we are, 2018! Yesterday I shared my goals for the year, but today I am sharing just my January 2018 goals as well as a look back in December! Hopefully this inspires you to share some goals as well!

January 2018 goals

January 2018 Goals

In December I wanted to…

  • Read 3 books: Yes! Finally found more time to read! I actually read 5!
  • Do something really special for Liam’s first Christmas: I think we did a lot of special things! We took him to see my favorite childhood decorations, he saw Santa twice, we did a lot of fun things around the city, etc.
  • Organize Liam’s clothes and vacuum seal stuff he’s grown out of: Yes, but then we had a new pile. It really never ends!
  • Adopt a family for the holidays (we do every year): We adopted a baby, donated to an elderly home, helped a refugee family, and did a few other things! I also got to do something really cool you’ll see in an upcoming post.
  • Try to enjoy the holidays without eating too many sweets: I ate a few more sweets than I wanted to but who can so no to cinnamon coffee cake and sugar cookies?
  • Try a new yoga class: I still haven’t found one I love.
  • Start daily meditations: I did not do this but I want to this month!!
  • Work on Twitter growth more: I did work on this!
  • Work on my first quarter content calendar: Yes I have more of the first quarter planned!
  • Work harder on drinking 80 oz of water a day: Yes but still not perfect!

In January I want to…

  • Read 4 books
  • Start mediating daily
  • Work on Pinterest growth
  • Have blog posts written through February
  • Get everything organized for Liam’s birthday party (WHAT!?)
  • Figure out my NYC business trip plans
  • Have 2 date nights with Andrew (we’ve gotten so much better)
  • See at least one award nominated movie (I rarely see movies)
  • Organize my closet and donate items (a January favorite activity)

Do you do monthly or year goals? I would love to know some of your January 2018 goals!

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  • 32 thoughts on “January 2018 Goals

    1. Sandra

      Yey! That is a way to go! Writing down goals is a really good way of really notice how much we achieved. You did great! That is really good for the self-esteem. You’re rocking it! This is something I really need to think about doing.

    2. Krysten

      My goal is to jump back into yoga this month. With self-care being my word for this year I know yoga makes me feel good and centered. So hopefully I can find some time to start this week.

      Great goals lady!

    3. Amber

      Organizing my closet and focusing on Pinterest growth are both on my list as well!I always make big goals for the year, and then focus on monthly habits to help me accomplish those goals. It makes everything seem much more doable.

    4. Julie

      I haven’t given much thought to goals for 2018 or for the month of January for that matter. November and December were busy months. I had a lot more shows than I usually do, especially over the holidays. So I need to focus on what I want for this year. My birthday is next week so that’s what I consider the real start of 2018. Good luck with your January goals. I know you’ll rock them!

    5. Jennifer

      Somehow, I found more time to read in December as well. How does that happen? I found a yoga class that I love, but the last thing I did in December was to have shoulder surgery between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It will be a bit before I can take a class.

    6. ShootingStarsMag

      I really do want to try and do monthly goals. I might start with February in terms of sharing them on the blog though. Good luck with all of yours!! That’s crazy Liam’s birthday is coming up, but how fun!


    7. Farrah

      Wow, you had an incredibly productive month in December! I loved reading the highlights. I wish I could’ve read five books, but most of the reading I find time to do is with my kids.

    8. Julie

      Good luck with your goals! I tried doing daily meditation during the last 3 months of the year to brace myself for the craziness but I failed in that. I realized instead of “squeezing time” to meditate, I should carve out the junk in my life that is making me busy.

    9. Annemarie LeBlanc

      My goal is to stop procrastinating. I know I have time to spend but I need to spend it wisely and be more productive. Maybe a good planner will help me keep track of my deliverables.

    10. Chelsae

      I have never thought of doing monthly goals but I love this idea. And I love how you did a recap to show if you met them or not. I could have never met the sweets goal during the holidays!

    11. Sara Strand

      Yay for reading 5!! I’m reading The Slave by Anand Dilvar and it is super short and VERY interesting. He’s in a vegetative state and can’t communicate with everyone around him. It’s terrifying actually, but pretty good.

    12. Britney

      Great idea to do monthly goals breaking it down being more specific than yearly! I want to read more and be more active on social media!

    13. Logan @ Signed, Logan

      I love your goal of trying to meditate daily! It’s something that I really want to focus on going into 2018, because I used to adore meditating but I don’t really make time for it anymore. I also REALLY feel you on getting content planned through February – I think I’m going to sit down on Sunday and spend the entire day writing and creating content so I can get to fully automating my blog!

      Logan |

    14. LaToya

      Great goals! My goal this year is to be more consistent with my blog and to read on book a week since I already love reading so much. Wishing you a great 2018!

    15. Alicia Taylor

      My goal for the month is to work on Instagram and Pinterest growth. I also want to start exercising 5 days a week again. My good habits got derailed with 2 vacations and an illness followed by a busy holiday.

    16. CourtneyLynne

      Ooooo great list of goals! Reading more is always on my goals list as well! Something that I definitely struggle to make time for but really need to do better

    17. Farrah

      That’s awesome that you did so much with December! :]! Best of luck to you on your January goals! I hope to do a lot of scheduled blog posts ahead so I can save some time!


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