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Five Things

Life · September 3, 2020

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I have shared in the past posts covering random topics and I get so much great feedback every time. This time the focus is a little more personal. I am sharing five things that all relate to COVID-19 and the current climate in the country.

Five Things

Current COVID-19 Feelings: I haven’t talked a ton about my COVID-19 feelings here. It’s definitely been a challenge. Not so much for me, or Andrew, but watching my 3-year-old not understand what’s happening. Seeing him not be able to go to school the past six months, see friends, see grandparents, and go places he loves like the grocery store. Recently, Daniel Tiger released an episode which was super helpful, but still seeing the disappointment in his face has been the hardest. Listen, I can do stay-at-home forever. Give me all the delivery, Netflix, etc. I am totally fine. But goodness, seeing kids suffer is hard. He is going back to school on September 8th and it is not a decision we came to lightly. But, it is what is best for HIM.

The holiday season: Speaking of, only recently did I think about the holiday season and COVID-19. It makes me so sad to think I won’t have a picture of my kids with Santa this year. I realize this is SUCH a champagne problem but ugh just another thing to miss this year. Other than that, I have actually been making lists of all the special things we can do this year to keep the holidays as normal as possible and I am getting excited. I can’t wait to post about what we are doing instead of trick-or-treating!

Curbside pickup: I think honestly, the addition of being able to do curbside pickup everywhere has been amazing. We don’t take our kids inside ANYWHERE and being able to run errands with them and still get things done without going inside is huge for us. Let’s keep wine curbside pickup forever.

Feeling stretched too thin: I have felt so very stretched thin lately. Between commitments with organizations, making sure my work gets done, my family life, etc I have felt very stretched. I know I probably overcommit but I have just felt beyond exhausted lately. Not wanting to overly complain but anyone else feeling this way?

Election: I will say it now and I will say it as many times as I need to: VOTE. I am sure everyone has their mind made up and I am not trying to change anyone’s mind. We are voting for Joe Biden. I think he will be a wonderful President. I think voting is important for every single office in every single election. Do your research and be kind.

I do not share a ton of personal stuff because I respect the privacy of those in my life but I felt like these things were important to share and just things on my heart.

How are you feeling lately?

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  • 14 thoughts on “Five Things

    1. nora spaulding

      I have also been pretty quiet when it comes to COVID and other worldly items in todays news. But after reading this I feel like I could share safely without oversharing or getting anyone upset. I’m pretty neutral ground, since I have no kids right now, but I believe in staying protected and safe. Thanks for sharing Neely! Always adore your posts.

    2. Stephanie

      We sent our boys back to school, too. They did two weeks of virtual school and are now on their second week on campus (minus the two days our school closed last week for the possibility of Hurricane Laura coming into Houston). For the Santa photos, can you find someone who does in-home Santa visits? There’s a guy in our community who has done this for years. I hadn’t thought to Christmas but I am wondering what will happen for Halloween. It’s such a perfect year for it, with it being on a Saturday and a full moon!! I appreciate your respect for privacy. That’s why politics is something I won’t discuss with anyone other than my husband, and even that is limited 🙂

    3. Patricia

      I actually have no pictures of my children with Santa. They were afraid of him and I didn’t want to put them through sitting on a strangers lap, if they weren’t enthusiastic about it. The first couple of years, I was sad, as a new mom. But now that my kids are grown… It doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are healthy and happy.

    4. Sarah Styf

      Oh my goodness, I keep having these thoughts about Christmas. Easter was emotionally devastating for me. No church, no friends over, just loneliness and a disconnectedness from everything. It was emotionally and spiritually crushing. Christmas is starting to look the same way and we are months away.

      And yes, Biden. All the way Biden.

    5. Amanda

      I agree- the holidays will definitely look very different this year unfortunately. I’m a firm believer in making the best of situations. Maybe you can start a new tradition or take some cute family photos by the tree! Hang in there!

    6. Molly

      I have oddly been looking forward to the holiday season, starting with fall. I needed the change of adding my favorite fall decorations to my house and surrounding myself with something that always makes me smile. It’s a long road and it certainly isn’t getting easier, is it? Here’s hoping we get to the other side of this soon!

    7. Stephanie

      I think it’s important to continue educating ourselves on everything. This is in relation to the pandemic, the election, etc. There is so much left to learn and so many important decisions to make. I can’t even begin to fathom how hard it’s been to raise children in this environment, but mega props to you. Wishing you all the best in the following months.


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