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How To Make Your Own Baby Food (Why We Are)

Charlotte is a little over 6 months and at about 5 months we started introducing food to her. With Liam, I went about this in a completely different way. We started giving him rice cereal at 4 months and he took to it immediately. He also took to purees super quick and then we started baby-led weaning. With Charlotte having a lot of tummy issues and already having a milk, soy, and corn allergy I wanted to do something a little different. We decided I would make her baby food so I want to dive into how to make your own baby food and a little bit of why we are taking that approach.

How To Make Your Own Baby Food (Why We Are)

Why we are: As I mentioned above Charlotte has a few different allergies already and has had some major tummy issues so I wanted to introduce food to her slowly, gently, and in a way that I could control what we were doing. We are mostly giving her purees right now but also doing a little baby-led weaning with Bamba, avocado, and banana so far. I really want to ease her into food because she isn’t taking to it quite as fast.

How to do it and what you need: 

It’s honesty pretty simple. It can seem overwhelming but it’s not. Below I am listing the items I purchased to get us going. The best part is they can all be found at buybuyBABY! Which is always our go-to for anything pre-baby all the way up to kids ages!

What you need:

What do to:

First I cleaned our Beaba baby book. Its a bit of a process and can take about an hour! We started off with Mango and sweet potato. She had had both before – Mango pieces and jarred sweet potato before our items arrived. So I knew it was safe to mix them. For the sweet potato, we cubed it and for the mango, we just sliced it up. You put everything in the steamer part of the Beaba and once it’s steamed you put it in the blend part. After its all blended I use the Beaba storage container which goes in the freezer after. I spooned it into sections and freeze it! Super simple!

Tip: Make enough for 3 days as it is recommended to give babies 2-3 exposures to new food!

A few fun recipes:

These are some combos we have made that have been HUGE hits!:

  • Mango/Sweet potato
  • Pear/Mango
  • Mango/Green beans
  • Broccoli/Apple
  • Carrot/Apple
  • Carrot/Pear

For us, this has been the best choice. We are off to a slower start with Charlotte and being super careful but honestly after you buy the supplies you end up saving money, in the long run, being able to make what you need, freeze it, and know what exactly is going into your babies food. I love knowing that I can get everything I need from buybuyBABY and they have such a great selection of everything to get you going with making your own baby food and feeding your babes!

Is making baby food something you’ve done?

Thank you to buybuyBABY for partnering on this post. 

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  1. Sounds so convenient! What a great way to make healthy food! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 5.29.20
  2. Brandy wrote:

    This is one of the many things I wish I had learned when my kids were babies. I attempted making baby food for my niece later on in life, and she loved it. I am glad that you’re able to do this, so much healthier I believe.

    Published 5.29.20
  3. I think it’s great if new moms have the time to make their own baby food. It’s usually so much healthier than what you buy at the store.

    Published 5.29.20
  4. Stephanie wrote:

    Oh my gosh, this device makes it so much easier! I made a lot of homemade food for my boys when they were little, too, since I liked to control the ingredients. We didn’t have allergies to work with, but I liked making it myself.

    Published 5.29.20
  5. Hooda wrote:

    I know nothing about babies, but I am sure making their food at home is way healthier than store bought products.

    Published 5.31.20
  6. Christa wrote:

    I made a lot of my own baby food. It was such a great way for me to ensure that what my baby was eating was natural. These products are so helpful!

    Published 5.31.20
  7. Clarice wrote:

    I love the idea of making our own baby food instead of buying the bottled ones. Looks easy and can’t wait to try the combos you mentioned. Thank you for sharing.

    Published 6.8.20