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How To Start Your Day In A Happy Mood

Fitness and Health · September 18, 2019

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Nothing is worse than starting your day in a bad mood, right? I mean it really all snowballs from there. Things get worse, you feel blah and you send out a bad vibe to those around you. So today I want to share how to start your day in a happy mood.

How To Start Your Day In A Happy Mood

Practice gratitude: I think one of the best things we can do for ourselves is to remember what we are grateful for. It’s so easy to get caught up in the things we don’t have or things that could be better but every morning try to stop and name 1-3 things you are grateful for.

Don’t look at your phone: You want to know what will make you immediately unhappy in the morning? Comparison. Looking at social media right when you get up will not put you in a happy mood. I would wait 30-60 minutes and do some of the other things on this list.

Get outside/or into the gym: I love a good early morning workout. Gets your endorphins going and you never regret doing it! It also makes you feel super accomplished first thing.

Practice self-care: For me, this may mean doing a face mask, or simply just my skincare routine. For you, this may mean something else. But do something just for you!

Listen to a podcast: I love listening to a Podcast in the morning! Especially one that gets me thinking or is super up-lifting.

Make a healthy breakfast: Eating a healthy breakfast is such a great way to start the day and will for sure put you in a good mood! Especially if it’s something you really love to eat!

Put out there what you want to get back: Say hi to strangers, open doors, ask how someone’s day is going, say thank you and please. Doing these things as you start your day will absolutely put you in a good mood and it will spread your good mood to others. In turn, they will keep spreading the good mood around. Really what’s better than that?

What is something you do to start your day in a happy mood?


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  • 16 thoughts on “How To Start Your Day In A Happy Mood

    1. Jess

      Ah, I love this!! We often forget to take care of ourselves- even in the most simplistic, easy ways! Your tips are soooo easy, I need to make it an effort to add some of these into my routine! The gym is already my favorite part of the day, it’s like my therapy! I just need to practice definitely putting my phone down more!

    2. Alyssa

      This is an excellent list. I especially love the one of not looking at your phone. I can get sucked in and it’s not good. Bookmarking this for later.

    3. Lina Melo

      It’s amazing how simple things can change people’s lives. One of the things that is having the greatest effect on my life is to understand the power of gratitude.

      It has affected everything. It has made me a more positive and more productive person. It has made me a happier person. I am not perfect, but gratitude has made me a better person.

    4. Stephanie

      I have started to not look at my phone when I get up and get straight in the shower. It helps wake me up and I don’t have that time sink immediately. Then I go do some journaling before ever looking at the phone or turning on the computer. Today was an exception, though, with Tropical Storm Imelda passing over the first thing I did was check the district website for school closings!

    5. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      The first thing I do after waking up is I pray. I thank God for waking me up, for the blessings He will bestow on me, and for keeping me and my family safe during the night. Saying a prayer of thanks gives me positive energy to get up and fulfill the tasks of the day.

    6. Norma

      Awesome advise to start your day in a happy mood! I like starting the day with a mental count of everything that I am grateful for but writing it down is also a great option.

    7. Courtney

      Oooo so many fantastic tips!!! I’m all about gratitude these days! The more thankful you are the more you will have to be thankful for Later!

    8. aisasami

      I try to eat a healthier breakfast (fruits, oats, and yogurt) and listen to a podcast when I am getting my makeup done. I don’t usually look at my phone either but only for a minute or so because of morning messages from work (I work at a school and sometimes we go to the park and sometimes we don’t, so I need to check to see what to wear).


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