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How To Stay Motivated All Day

Fitness and Health · Inspire · July 8, 2019

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I won’t lie some days my motivation wants me to pack it in around noon. I am hot, tired, and pregnant, and a million other reasons I sometimes want to throw it in and take a nap while Liam does. But I really try to stay motivated all day to be productive. Today I am going to share how to stay motivated all day.

How To Stay Motivated All Day

Wake up grateful: So I think reminding yourself every morning even mentally what you are grateful for can really motivate you. For me I am grateful always for my health, my family, and this baby in my tummy. I try to work hard all day for them! In everything I do I remind myself why I work hard, what I am working towards etc.

Know what needs to get done: This can be in your calendar, in a to do list, etc but know what needs to get done and whatever way works for you schedule that out. I personally use a to-do list and a Google Calendar. I set calendar reminders/ alarms for the time sensitive things and use my to-do list for everything else.

Do a workout: I feel like a morning workout just gets me in the motivated mindset! Especially a really good workout. Lately I have been doing a LOT of barre classes which I love. They are 50 minutes, and I am sweaty, sore, and motivated after.

Have a reward in mind: I’m not necessarily saying to go to the mall and go nuts. Usually for me that reward is doing a face mask, and watching something after Liam goes to bed and I can relax. Or maybe the reward is a mid day trip to Starbucks if you knock out half of your to do list in the morning. I think knowing you have something to look forward to can be great motivation.

Go to sleep grateful: Kind of like waking up grateful go to sleep grateful for all you have accomplished that day. It’s really the best feeling to go to sleep happy and grateful.

How do you inspire yourself to stay motivated all day?

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  • 27 thoughts on “How To Stay Motivated All Day

    1. Stephanie

      I have such a hard time staying motivated all day long. I notice that I get a lot more done in the morning than I do in the afternoon. Because of this, I try to do my most important tasks in the morning, especially on school days so it’s done before the boys get home.

    2. Jen

      I’ve done most of them but not the reward. This is a great list and I would recommend this to my friends. Thanks for sharing.

    3. Glenda

      These are some great tips. I also find new ways to stay motivated. I find mediation and listening to affirmations helps me a lot.

    4. Christa

      Go to sleep grateful is such wonderful advice. I’m a huge list maker and sometimes I focus on what didn’t get done rather than what I accomplished and what I have. I need to start focusing more on gratitude.

    5. Shar

      Wow! This is really what I feel like reading!! Staying motivated all day is key to achieving what you aim for.

    6. Melanie williams

      There are some really great tips here. Having a plan of what needs to be done is a must xx

    7. Nicole Crosby

      I love the waking up grateful tip! My wake up alarm is on my phone, it allows me to add a note that I see when it goes off. Guess what just got added? Thank you!

    8. Ashley

      These are wonderful tips! I love planning and making to-do lists – they really help me stay sane and keep me motivated to tick each item off. A mid-day coffee run is perfect for a reward!

    9. Arun

      Thank you for these great tips. I struggle with being motivated due to my mental health issues. I have found little rewards and sleeping well at night help though.

    10. Melanie

      These are some great tips, I wake up and do my yoga & meditation then eat and attack the day! It’s good to have mini ” you” breaks during the day, listen to music, say positive things, it amps you back up for the rest of the day


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