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How We Keep Our House Clean and Organized

Organization · February 27, 2019

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When I say how we keep our house clean I don’t mean the products we use. I mean how we keep it clean and how it stays clean. I am not someone who wants to spend hours a day cleaning, but our house always looks and feels clean. This is how.

How We Keep Our House Clean/Organized

One Big Deep Clean: Every Thursday our house gets a BIG deep clean. Everything from floors, to showers, toilets, bathtubs, vacuuming, dusting etc. So my “clean week” starts on Thursdays.

Set Days For Big Tasks: For example I do laundry every Sunday and Wednesday. I do our sheets and towels on Saturdays. Liam’s laundry usually on Tuesdays. I am not one to do 50 loads of laundry in a day. I find that splitting it up makes everyone a little more sane.

Small Tasks Daily: I have touched on this in other posts, but we do a small clean every night. Toys are put in their place, dishwasher gets run, kitchen counters are wiped down, kitchen table is wiped down. If the floors need it they get a spot vacuum, clothes get put away, laundry gets put away etc. This nightly routine doesn’t take long: 20-30 minutes since we know what each of us does. Each morning before work Andrew unloads the dishwasher while I prep Liam’s breakfast. This simple morning task that he does is super helpful because otherwise it may be 1 PM before I get to it.

Know Our Strengths: I hate taking out trash and everything involving trash. Andrew handles that. Andrew is not a huge fan of laundry and honestly doesn’t know where everything goes. So I handle that. Andrew always makes sure the dishwasher is running and unloaded the next day. I make sure little things around the house are put away. Knowing what we each do makes things go smoothly. Plus there is never a “well who’s turn is it to do XYZ?” discussion.

Doing these simple things is exactly how we keep our house clean and organized without a ton of time and zero arguments. At this point nearly 7 years into our relationship we really have it down toΒ  a science.

What do you do to keep your house clean?

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  • 17 thoughts on “How We Keep Our House Clean and Organized

    1. Krysten

      Ugh February has been an AWFUL month for cleaning and organizing our home. Between horrible cold, lots of snow, and sickness we have been down and out. Hopefully March will be better.

    2. Bree

      Those are great tips – I need to find a way to keep my house clean and organized I spent way too many hours per day on this!

    3. Ann Snook

      My husband and I split up chores the same way. I LOATHE doing dishes and scrubbing the tub, so he does those and I do pretty much everything else haha. Worth it!

    4. Stephanie

      Oh my gosh, sub in mine and my husband’s names and I could have written the exact same for your “know your strengths” section! We also make sure everything is tidy before going to bed. My boys have to clean their playroom at least every Sunday night or when they want to get new toys out of the closet. I am one to do all the laundry on one day, but it just works well for us.

    5. Kayla

      I definitely need to be better about this and doing a little bit of cleaning every day. I hope in my next apartment I’ll have laundry in my actual unit and that will encourage me to do laundry way more often rather than when I desperately need clean socks πŸ˜‚

    6. Marjie Mare

      That is really great and I should use your tips. I usually do my cleaning on Saturday morning. It’s so hard to keep everything organized with my teenage daughter.

    7. Nellwyn

      Doing small tasks daily is pretty much what I do as part of my evening routine after dinner, and then I do the bigger cleaning projects on the weekends. It’s been working pretty well for me so far πŸ™‚

    8. Christa

      This is really similar to my routine! I love having one day to spend timing cleaning everything. Unfortunately, it never seems to last long! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    9. aisasami

      I save deep cleans for every three months because I am the only person in my apartment. But, I said to myself that I should clean and do chores for 30 minutes a day.

    10. Elizabeth O

      I love having a clean home and have a cleaning lady who also comes to do the job. Clean homes feel welcoming too.

    11. Becca Wilson

      Small daily tasks can make the chores seem that much more manageable . I know that we try to do this!


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