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If We Were On A Coffee Date

Life · July 31, 2018

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I have not done a coffee date post in MONTHS! So now seems like a good time to catch up and let you what we would discuss if we were on a coffee date.

If We Were On A Coffee Date

If we were on a coffee date I would confess that it’s probably not my first cup of coffee that day. Most days I have at least 2! If not more.

I would then ask if you are more of an iced coffee or hot coffee person? I know iced is all the rage but I just think it’s gross!  I know I know…

Then I would ask if you’ve been watching any summer TV and reading any good books. I am always looking for suggestions on both!

I would tell you that I am really nervous about Liam starting Mothers Day Out in a few weeks. I know it will be great for him, but I worry about him napping in a new environment and feeling like we left him somewhere. He’s been home with me since he was born and it’s always hard to be away from him. He’s also going through a really clingy mommy phase right now.

I would tell you that as much as I love travel, sometimes it wears on me. I’ve had a lot this year with work and I am grateful for it and love it but I need a month at home!

I would also ask what your thoughts are on the state of our world? I do not get too political here, but you guys I am terrified where things are heading and it keeps me up at night thinking what our world is turning into.

I would hope we can have a good discussion on the above even if we disagree.

I would say that for the first time in my life I feel like I have a really great GROUP of girlfriends. I have always had a lot of girlfriends but never in a group. At least not since high school! Usually I keep my friends pretty separate because I like one-on-one time with them, and over a year ago I stumbled into the best group of friends in my area. They have become my people and I am so grateful for them. I would also say that one of my best friends just moved away and it made me so sad. We met about a year ago and became fast friends. I know we will stay in touch but it’s tough.

What would you want to talk about if we were on a coffee date?

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  • 19 thoughts on “If We Were On A Coffee Date

    1. ShootingStarsMag

      The state of the world is definitely terrifying. Sometimes I just don’t even know what to say!
      I’m sure Liam will adjust to Mother’s Day Out, but it’ll be tough at first – at least for you, I imagine!
      Sorry to hear your best friend moved, but yay for a good GROUP of girlfriends.


    2. Karin

      Really thought provoking. Given the current state of affairs, coming up with neutral, yet relevant topics has become rather challenging, hasn’t it?

    3. Lindsay

      I would definitely carry on a long conversation about books and TV shows. It’s fun to hear what other people are consuming and get some inspiration 🙂 I’d also ask for some podcast recommendations, because I’m trying to get into those!

    4. Azreen Sofia

      If we were on a coffee date,
      I would ask you how’s your day going so far because I hate it when my date is stress over something or feeling bad about themselves.

      I would also ask you on how to build up self-confidence.

      Wow, I can’t think any much points

    5. Krystin

      Oh, I like this post! Such a fun idea to brainstorm what you would talk about on a coffee date! I’d probably talk about which book I’m reading, what tv shows I’m watching and catch up on life!

    6. Jana

      I’m trying to take a break from the state of world because it’s just too much and instead focusing on what I can do to improve the state of my town. It’s overwhelming isn’t it?

    7. Erica Schwarz

      I am so with you about iced coffee – YUCK. And don’t worry (though of course you will) about your son. He will be so tired from playing, and when all the kids nap it makes all the kids nap better!

    8. Laneic Lavalle

      Hmmm…. I think I would probably complain about the heat in AZ first (while sipping my hot coffee haha I’m not a huge fan of iced, very picky about it). We could chat about my newest Harry Potter obsession and how I’m a bit late to the game. My son and out adventures working through SPD and preschool.

      I’d want to know all about my coffee date too! This is a great chance to hear what other people are doing and get out of my own head haha. I actually like coffee chats and I’ve found that while I don’t mind chit chat, I really value those long deeper conversations with people more. Even in an overcrowded coffee shop surrounded by nosy people haha.

    9. Denise C

      Honestly, I think I’d let you talk about anything you want to talk about and hope you wouldn’t feel bad if I don’t talk much myself. I’m too exhausted to talk about me, but I’d be happy to listen to someone else. 🙂

    10. Melanie Payne

      What a fun post! This is nice, and it sounds like a nice enjoyable coffee date! I don’t do coffee anymore, only 1 cup a day and then I went to decaf and slowly went off that as well. So I’d have a tea date, hehe

    11. Tamara

      Give me all the iced coffee right now, even when it’s cold out I prefer iced coffee. Sadly right now, if I was on a coffee date I’d be trying desperately to keep my eyes open.


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