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Is Cutting Cable Worth It?

Life · Tech · May 13, 2020

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It has been a little over two years since we made the decision to cut cable. I have had people ask me all the time what we use, how we feel about it, why we did it, etc. So today I wanted to share all about it and answer the big question, is cutting cable worth it?

Is Cutting Cable Worth It?

Why we did it: Andrew and I were growing a bit frustrated with both the cost of cable as well as the lack of anything to watch. At that point we watched news, sports, and a few shows all of which we could watch with streaming services. Our big factor though was the local news and sporting events. Cowboys games could NOT be missed. We talked about it a lot and decided we would pause our cable service for six months and try it out. Worst case scenario we would just go back to cable.

What we use: We have a Roku in our bedroom, family room, and playroom. Andrew did all of the research and showed me the options. We decided to try YouTube TV. We already had Netflix and Amazon Prime, and YouTube TV would give us sporting events, local news, and pretty much all of the channels we watched shows on (HGTV, Disney, Bravo, E!, etc.).

How we feel about it: We have honestly never looked back. When we travel or visit Andrew’s parents and use regular cable I am honestly confused as to how we ever liked it. You basically scroll forever and still feel like nothing is on haha. Some of the things we love about YouTube TV are that we can record as many things as we want and never run out of storage space, we aren’t missing any shows we love, we watch ever Cowboys game, we have local news, and we can watch it from our phones, tablets, computers, and TV. When we travel we can watch our YouTube TV account from anywhere and have all our recordings with us.

I would be happy to answer any questions you have about cutting cable or YouTube TV. This is not at all sponsored and just our experience. We are saving money and still, we don’t feel like we are missing anything on TV.

Have you cut cable and made the switch to streaming services only?


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  • 12 thoughts on “Is Cutting Cable Worth It?

    1. Stephanie

      We don’t have YouTube TV, but we have cut cable as much as possible, too. I wanted to completely cancel, but it actually saved us money to keep the bare minimum since that means it’s still bundled with our internet. So we get the 5 basic channels so I can watch the news (only while it’s live) and my husband can watch most of the live sports he wants. We only have one tv in the house and it has a new Apple TV attached. We watch things on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Disney+ as well as the free apps like CW and ABC. I haven’t regretted the decision once in the last three years since we did this!

    2. Joline

      When they cancelled sports, we decided to cancel the sports pack from our cable package and we realized that it’s really the only thing we need cable for! If we find an alternative where we can watch our sporting events live, we’ll cut cable in a heartbeat.

    3. chad

      I’ve canceled my cable subs almost a year ago!!! I am loving my Netflix and Amazon prime, they’re more than enough for me.

    4. Brandy Ellen

      We have not had cable in so long, it’s such a fabulous way to save money. Since you can access so much online these days, it’s great to be able to reduce monthly expenses and just use the internet. I need internet for my income/work at home so one cost we didn’t “need” was cable. Best decision ever to cut it.

    5. Marjie Mare

      I consider myself lucky. My husband is working for a cable company and I am enjoying the perks.

    6. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      We have not cancelled our cable TV subscription yet, but we have downgraded our plan. It was such a waste of money to keep paying for channels we don’t even watch. Maybe in the future, we will ditch cable service altogether.

    7. Christa

      I just paid the cable bill yesterday. Every month is at to myself I need to eliminate it. Hearing such successful stories is making it easier to finally let it go!

    8. Elizabeth

      I have DISH, and honestly, I’m sooo frustrated with them! They are CONSTANTLY “rebooting” … like 4-6 times PER HOUR! Sometimes I’m ‘lucky’ and they don’t do it for several hours! If I’m recording a program and they do it, I get the program in pieces … several separate recordings to watch the whole thing … minus the several minutes missing during their reboot. This is giving me the inspiration and motivation to cut them out of my life permanently! Wasn’t sure if doing that was going to be worth it, but I do have Prime, so seeing how you did it gave me the confidence to pull the trigger on it! BYE DISH!

    9. Cheryl

      Thank you for this. I am so ready to end my satellite payments of nearly 200 a month. I am so clueless though, in how one does all these things…youtube tv, etc. I need a tutorial. LOL
      A quitting for dummies, if you will. 😁


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