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June 2019 Goals

Inspire · Life · May 31, 2019

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Happy June (almost)! I am so happy it’s finally June. May was not my favorite month, and it seemed to drag on! Today I am sharing my June 2019 goals and also a look back at how I did with my May goals!

june 2019 goals

June 2019 Goals

In May I wanted to….

  • Read 5 books: I actually read 6 and no idea how!
  • Finish the guest room closet: Yes all done!
  • Paint the guest room- or at least get stuff ready to paint it: Not happening more on this soon!
  • Take 5 barre classes: I did not do this but I did do a LOT of yoga!
  • Try one new meal: YES! I made some really delish muffins! That counts right?
  • Treat a friend or family member to coffee/lunch: I dropped coffee off to a friend 🙂
  • Get Liam ready for his summer program: He’s as ready as he can be! He starts Monday!
  • Go on one date with Andrew- trying to be more realistic: Ugh we suck. We were so busy this month. But having one tomorrow night!

In June I want to….

(I realize a lot of these are the same goals because I want to actually get them done!)

  • One date night with Andrew
  • Read 5 books
  • Take 5 barre classes
  • Get ahead on blog posts through July
  • Work on Pinterest and Twitter more
  • Take Liam to a splash pad
  • Take Liam out of ice cream or yogurt at least once
  • More outside walks
  • See my grandparents more

What is one of your June 2019 Goals?

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  • 13 thoughts on “June 2019 Goals

    1. Lyosha

      I love writing such lists! I think it’s very useful. 5 books! wow, you read so fast! I actually struggle to read two or three that fast

    2. Stephanie

      I can’t believe it’s June tomorrow! My oldest just finished his last day of kindergarten today and his 6th birthday is on Tuesday. We have a lot of summer plans, so I am not making a lot of blogging goals since I know I’ll be doing minimum while we are gone. We are planning to take both boys out for ice cream this weekend to congratulate them on a great school year!

    3. Patricia Chamberlain

      I also want to walk outside more and take my little one to a splash pad during the month of June! I love the idea of making a list and checking back in before moving onto a new month.

    4. David Elliott

      Outside walks are always good things. And I hope you are able to spend more time with your grandparents. It’s so important to spend time with them while they are around as they will not be here forever.

    5. Nati

      I love your goals! They are so down to Earth and exactly the things I try to do but never succeed! How is that we are already in JUNE btw???!!


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