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What’s In My Purse: Spring 2018

Life · March 2, 2018

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One of my favorite kinds of blog posts to read or YouTube videos to watch is what people carry in their handbags. I always think it’s so interesting, so today I am sharing a fun slightly more personal post and sharing what’s in my purse for spring 2018.

What’s In My Purse : Spring 2018

The purse: The purse I carry most is my Cuyana small carryall tote. I have had this bag for a long time and it’s very reasonably priced. It also fits a TON and goes with everything. I would love to have it in another color too!

Makeup Bag: About a year ago I purchased this makeup bag from Lesportsac and I LOVE IT! It holds a ton and is the perfect size for a purse. Aside from 30 lipglosses (not really) I keep a few essentials in there. I usually keep 2-3 bandaids, some headache medicine, tweezers, hand lotion, a rollerball of perfume, floss, bite agave lip balm, glossier boy brow, hair ties, bobby pins, and whatever lipstick I wear that day.

Wallet: This is the wallet I use and it took me a LONG time to find the perfect one. I like one that zips around and I like having a clear card slot! It honestly is the perfect size for me and even though it’s a splurge it’s a wallet you can use for years. I’ve already had mine for several years and it’s in amazing condition.

Random Stuff: I have my keys, duh. I use a big O keyring that I got last year and it’s great because I can always find my keys. Also Liam loves playing with it. I have my favorite sunglasses which are Celine sunglasses I got as a gift. I always have at least one tin of Ice Breakers mints (addicted). Of course I also have my wireless headphones for the gym. These are amazing and I love them! Lastly, I have my phone, but it’s rarely actually in my purse.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what’s in my purse!

What is one thing you always keep in your handbag?

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  • 22 thoughts on “What’s In My Purse: Spring 2018

    1. Zoë

      I love seeing what little bits and bobs other people carry around with them! I think I am probably the only one that only has phone, keys, wallet, lip balm and hand cream in my bag! Maybe I need to upgrade? Haha! Loved this! xx

      Zoë |

    2. Trish

      I love that wallet! I need to replace mine soon and know what you mean about how hard it is to find one that is perfect.

    3. Tiffany

      That’s a great list! I like the key ring, I haven’t seen those before! I’m afraid to put my sunglasses in my purse because I splurged this year and spent like $50 on them and I’m terrified to ruin them lol

    4. Wendy

      I always keep a nail file because I can’t stand having a jagged nail. I also always keep a lighter in case I found myself in need of starting a fire because you just never know right?

    5. Tracie

      My planner, my wallet, some candy and gum three pens one pencil and a small notebook along with my pocket planner is what’s in my purse. Boring I know.

    6. Tami

      In addition to similar things, I also carry a notepad and a book to read. Oh, I admit, I tend to find lots of paper trash in my purse, too.

    7. Catherine Sargent

      My purse could use a good cleaning out. I always have my wallet and extra phone charger in my purse.

    8. Peter

      You could probably find a kitchen sink in my wife’s purse. I do know she’d love the wallet! Love the list!

    9. Julie

      I love that wallet. It’s so hard to find a good one. My purse looks like I’m a contestant on Let’s Make a Deal. I always have so much random stuff in it.

    10. Rosey

      I’ve been wanting to try eos lotion. I see it at the checkout and think I should give it a go. I love the balm.

    11. brianne

      Your purse looks so similar to mine. I carry everything but the kitchen sink in mine. I do want to check out that glossier lipstick. What a pretty color!

    12. Julie

      Chapstick and lipstick is a must. My oldest daughter (6 years old) actually picked out a little bag for me for Christmas. It says “good vibes only” on the bag. I store all of my chapstick and lipsticks inside the bag.


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