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March 2020 Goals

Inspire · Life · March 2, 2020

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Happy March! Hard to believe the 3rd month of the year is upon us. I have a 3-year-old and a 3-month-old as of a week ago. WHAT!? Well anyways it’s time to share my March 2020 goals as well as a look back on how I did with my February goals.

March 2020

In February I wanted to…

  • Continue my workouts, and tracking with WW and hopefully see more progress: Yes I saw a little progress. I lost 6 lbs this month! I lose weight VERY VERY slowly and always have so this is big.
  • Read 4 books: I read 2 ugh fail. But both were excellent! I read Jessica Simpsons memoir and a great book called Our Stop.
  • Daily 10K steps: I think one day I had 9800 because I didn’t realize I hadn’t hit 10k.
  • Have a date night with Andrew: LOL yes Saturday night we got it in right under the wire.
  • Celebrate Liams birthday BIG (he’s turning 3 this month): YES! WE had a big Thomas the Train themed party! So fun!
  • Send Valentine’s cards to 3 friends: I meant to do this and didn’t ugh.
  • Be better about scheduling Pinterest content: Working on it but not as good as I had hoped.
  • Work on April blog content: I am about half done
  • Continue purging/organizing our house: Yes I feel like this is a constant daily activity!

In March I want to…

  • Continue with my workouts, WW, and daily 10K steps
  • Read 3 books
  • Have a date night with Andrew
  • Finish April blog content
  • Sign Liam up for swim lessons for summer
  • Do more activities during the week with Charlotte
  • Work on Instagram story-ing more and sharing more about my day to day life
  • Work on plans for our summer trips
  • Have more focused 1:1 time with Liam

What is one of your March 2020 goals?

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  • 15 thoughts on “March 2020 Goals

    1. Joline

      Can’t believe it’s March! Though I’m really looking forward to spring. This month I really hope to get back into working out. I kinda fell out of it last month, I was busy hibernating 🙂

    2. Stephanie

      You still met quite a few of your goals! I don’t get to 10k steps but I averaged 7000 steps last month which is pretty good for me! It’s hard when I’m at a desk most days. My younger son’s birthday is this month and spring break and a Cub Scout campout so we have a busy month ahead!

    3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I am happy your February went well. The goals you set for March sound lovely too. For me, my goals for March is to have my blood sugar levels down to near normal before I see my doctor again. I wish I could exercise more, but my doctor only wants me to do low impact exercises, so walking it is.

    4. Melanie williams

      Sounds like you have been busy. I am always trying to read more books too, but it can be hard to find the time xx

    5. Lori Bosworth

      Sounds like you did very well with your February goals. Congrats on the 6 pound weight loss! Some of my goals for March are to continue organizing my home and continue being selective about where and on what I spend my time.

    6. Fransic verso

      Don’t feel bad for not doing because you always get the chance to do this month except for the things it only meant to be in the last month. But I’m next time, you manage. Great goals, wish you the best luck!

    7. aisasami

      My March goals are up in the air right now because of the Coronavirus. I don’t have it but it has affected everything around me: work, going out, and etc. I hope the virus can stop spreading soon.

    8. Christa

      We had a Thomas party when my boy turned 3, too! Little boys and their trains. Lol. I’m SO IMPRESSED with your ambitious goals and how much you achieve. I need to write my goals for March and it’s already the 4th!

    9. Ash

      It’s good to know that you have your Mach goals. It’s been 3 months and we’ve been experiencing world issues especially the pandemic Coronavirus. Goodluck dear!


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