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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Fitness and Health · Life · Sponsored Post · May 9, 2019

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With Mothers’ Day coming up I wanted to share a different take on a gift guide. This will be my 3rd Mother’s Day and I remember when we celebrated my first I was a brand new mom really trying to get back into shape. Now I am pregnant with my second child trying to STAY in shape. This Mother’s Day Gift Guide has a focus on healthy gifts. They are still fun and a lot have to do with self-care. I hope if you have a mom in your life this helps you and gives you some ideas!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

New Workout Clothes: I know I personally LOVE receiving work out clothes as a gift. Not only because I work out a lot but because I spend most of my time IN workout clothes! I am OBSESSED with swift run shoes from adidas. They are seriously so cute and fun and amazing support. I get so many compliments every single time I wear them. How cute are these pink ones. They are technically kids but you can still order them for yourself. I am an 8 in Women’s and a 6 in kids! I also LOVE these cute shorts which are perfect for the warmer months. A good supportive sports bra is also amazing. This one is so cute and I love the straps!

Healthy Essentials: A fun idea would be to make a gift basket of healthy essentials. These are all little things that would be great as one big gift! Myself and so many of my friends are into collagen peptides in our smoothies and coffee and getting a big canister of it would be amazing. Face masks are essential for the health of your skin! I think a variety of these sheet masks would be such a good gift! This lip balm comes in 4 flavors and is amazing to keep your lips healthy and hydrated. Who would not want a fabulous blender to make delicious smoothies! So many people LOVE the NutriBullet so I know this would make a great gift.

Self-Care: The last 2 years and this year coming up I ask for a day to myself. This is not something you can wrap up but I think it’s great for any mom to receive. I usually spend mine going to take a barre class (a monthly membership to a studio would make an amazing gift as well). Then I go to the spa and get a massage and facial. Then I come home, lay in bed, and watch Netflix and nap. This combo I think is fantastic! I always feel so refreshed and just knowing I have so much uninterrupted time to myself is amazing. As a treat something you should absolutely ask for as a mama is a cookie delivery from Tiffs Treats! My all time favorite melt in your mouth cookies! Nothing says Mothers Day like cookies to enjoy during all the Netflix! The chocolate chip and sugar are my favorites but the snickerdoodle is also AMAZING! We give them for every Thank you gift too!

If you are a mom I would love to know what you are wanting for Mothers’ Day this year and if this Mother’s Day gift guide gave you any ideas!

Thank you to adidas for sponsoring this post! 

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  • 14 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    1. Stephanie

      New workout clothes or a new swimsuit are always favorites of mine, too! Or books, I will never turn away books, or kitchen gadgets, either!

    2. Courtney

      Ooooo awesome gift suggestions!! I have that college powbder but in the pink container. Love it

    3. marjiemare

      These are all great gifts that mothers would enjoy. I haven’t bought anything for my mom and my mother in law yet. I always get gifts at the last minute.

    4. Elaine

      You have some real gems here! I especially love the suggestion of sheet masks. I feel like they are a fantastic gift for any occasion.

    5. David Elliott

      I know my daughter and her mom would really love the Sephora masks. I think my mom would love the Nutribullet. We used to have a few here. And she loved to use it all the time.

    6. Jasmine Watts

      I love these gift ideas! I like the face masks for my Mom, she’s into it. The collagen peptide, on the other hand, is perfect for my sister who loves to do smoothies for my niece.


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