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Ways I Deal With Anxiety During Pregnancy

Life · Pregnancy · September 9, 2019

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I have spoken several times about my struggles with anxiety and depression. When we decided to have another baby I made the decision to stop taking any antidepressants or anxiety medication. While some doctors will say that it’s fine, I just wanted to not have any in my system. I still however, struggled and do struggle with anxiety especially. I wanted to share a few of the ways I deal with anxiety during pregnancy for those who may go through it as well!

Ways I Deal With Anxiety During Pregnancy

Yoga/Meditation: The great thing about this is you can do it at home. Honestly, most of the prenatal yoga I have done has been at home. I have done SaraBeth Yoga on YouTube (she has tons of prenatal workouts) and use Headspace for meditation. Both things really calm me down and set me on the right path.

Stress Balls: This was a suggestion from my counselor. I fidget a lot when I am anxious and this has really helped calm me a lot. I got these on Amazon.

Counseling: I started going to counseling again about 2 months ago after a few really tough anxiety weeks. I forgot how helpful it can be to just talk with someone completely unbiased. Since I struggled with PPD/PPA I knew this was a good choice for me.

Walks/Workouts: Anytime I can walk in the fresh air (when it’s not 100 degrees) or just go to the gym or barre class and get a workout in my anxiety literally melts away.

Self-care: For me being able to take time for myself really helps. Sometimes my self-care is simply running errands alone. Or some days it’s a long shower and a face mask. Other days I go get a mani/pedi. Self-care looks different for everyone but whatever it is I am needing that day I do.

Feeling my feelings: My biggest thing is just to recognize and feel my feelings. Anxiety and depression are a part of me and always will be. Feeling my feelings, and recognizing them for what they are is so important. I don’t try to push them down. If I need to cry I cry.

Have you struggled with anxiety or depression? If so what was one thing you did to help?

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  • 17 thoughts on “Ways I Deal With Anxiety During Pregnancy

    1. Stephanie

      I didn’t have anxiety until I started having hyperthyroidism. One of the symptoms is anxiety attacks and I was starting to feel them. Luckily, with an adjustment to my thyroid medication, I’ve gotten it mostly under control. But if I start to have it flare up again I’ll have to try some of these suggestions. For me, being able to go for a bike ride is the best self-care. It’s exercise and time alone.

    2. Emma

      I often use Headspace too and I love it. I think taking time to myself is most important for me when I’m feeling down – but also knowing I can talk to my friends/ family when I need to.

    3. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I have struggled with anxiety and depression. The thing that helped calm me is gardening. Tending to my flower garden and watching them give me beautiful blooms never fail to uplift my spirits.

    4. Nichelle

      OMG.. my anxiety was fear during delivery. Other than that, I had 2 great pregnancies. After my first child was born, I felt overwhelmed because it was new. The second son cried a lot, but I was familiar with parenting so I had a little more patience.

    5. Melanie williams

      This is sad that you have had anxiety especially during pregnancy, but I think it is great how you are using your experience to inform and help others x

    6. Phil

      Good stuff! So glad it helped you during such an important time. I think this is all applicable to anxiety any time no matter what you have going on! The more we can be intentionally present, slow down, pay attention to what’s going on inside, and take space for ourselves, we will be able to tell the difference.

    7. Christa

      This is such an important topic to talk about. I love that you included feeling your feelings. I think that’s such a helpful way to deal with anxiety.

    8. Rosey

      Finding ways to cope while pregnant really matters. It’s important to have the healthiest mindset, and I love that you are sharing tips to help those who might need it. Stress and anxiety can really be challenging.

    9. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      With all my pregnancies, my mother always told me to find ways to be happy. She said worry and anxiety will have a bad effect on the baby. I was lucky I had a good support group – my mom and my sisters who helped ease my anxiety during and post-pregnancy.

    10. Clarice

      These are really practical and helpful tips. I also recall that I also suffered anxiety during pregnancy and taking walks and some yoga and meditation has truly helped me cope.


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