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Ways To Stay In Touch (and not feel isolated) During Social Distancing

Life · April 2, 2020

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We are hitting the 3-week mark of social distancing and it’s been rough. Mostly, for Liam who misses his school and his friends. But also for Andrew and I who miss our families, friends, and normal routines. I wanted to share a few ways to stay in touch during this time that have really helped us a lot and made us all feel a little more connected.

Ways To Stay In Touch (and not feel isolated) During Social Distancing

  • FaceTime/Google Duo: I have been FaceTiming a TON with family and friends.Especially my parents. My mom does not have an iPhone so we installed Google Duo on her phone. Being able to see friends and family on FaceTime is not only great for me but for my kids. My parents are used to seeing my kids all the time so this way they are still getting to see them daily, watch them play, read them books, etc. It’s also fun with girlfriends to have a glass of wine and chit chat this way.
  • Zoom Meetings: This has been great for Liam to see his class and teachers and for me to have MOPs and also see my group of friends. It’s really easy to use and a great idea. If you have a group be it work, school, MOPs, a group of friends, whatever- having a fun Zoom (wine optional) is a great time.
  • Marco Polo app: This was introduced to me by a friend and it has quickly become one of my favorite apps. It’s essentially a video messaging app where you send videos to friends. It’s been a great way to not feel so lonely during the day without seeing people. Even my neighbor who lives a few houses down and I do this.
  • Drive by’s: This has been what we do with my mom especially. We are all used to seeing her several times a week so we drive there or she comes here and we wave and chat from well over 6 feet away. Usually, we stay in the car or vise versa. I have also done this with neighbors if we are on walks we will stop in front of each other’s houses and whoever is home will stay on their porch and say hi from a safe distance.
  • Sending notes/letters: I have taken this time to send cards and notes to friends. It’s a special way to not only let someone know you care and are thinking of them but just make someone’s day. Who doesn’t love getting mail!?

I know this time is tough on everyone for different reasons. No matter what we are all missing the human connections we are used to daily. I highly suggest doing some of these things to stay in touch during social distancing.

What have you been doing to stay in touch with loved ones?

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  • 12 thoughts on “Ways To Stay In Touch (and not feel isolated) During Social Distancing

    1. Stephanie

      We’ve done a lot of zoom chats. My son has done them a few times with his teacher and classmates. My husband led a cub scout den meeting over zoom earlier this week. We even did a family zoom chat with all four generations of my family on there together! Since we had to cancel everything for my younger son’s birthday last month, we asked friends and family to send cards. He ended up with almost 50 cards, letters, drawings, and a few packs of gardening seeds and had so much fun getting mail!

    2. Maysz

      I am using FaceTime for my friends since quarantine days and also we have viber app for other options to communicating :)Stay safe.

    3. Arno

      Your tips are really helpful to people who feel isolated. Personally, I feel good. This period is great as you can devote a lot of time to yourself.

    4. Nati

      I will be trying Zoom with a few friends next week, but I didn’t know about Marcopolo app, thank you for the info!! we are lucky this is happening in a time when devices and technology allow us to keep in touch, would not have imagined living like this 20 years ago!

    5. Dana @ The Unprinted Protagonist

      Safer-at-home has been a really rough experience for me, but I’ve been trying to be better about scheduling time to video call friends. My boyfriend and I have a movie date tonight via Kast. I’ve also been able to recreate a feeling of community in my life by coming back to the the blogging community after 4 years of hiatus. I’m still a little reluctant to actually start blogging again, but I think I’ll get there before this is all over.

    6. FisixWorld

      Your tips are really helpful to people who feel isolated. Personally, I feel good. This period is great as you can devote a lot of time to yourself.
      Thanks for the article.

    7. Dani

      As somebody who has worked from a home studio for over 12 years, mostly via email (phone calls are rare, face to face work rarer still) I’ve found I’ve had enough of that ‘office water cooler’ connection from Facebook etc, so not much has changed for me day to day.
      I have enjoyed making a point of sending cards to friends’ kids who are missing out on birthday celebrations at this time, and getting a kick out of receiving actual mail.


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