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Weekend Reading

Happiest weekend! This is the first March weekend and I feel like this weekend last year was the last one before everything got crazy! This weekend we have a few fun low key plans and hope to spend time outside assuming the weather is nice. I am also hoping to get ahead on some work for next week because lately I feel super behind. But first, weekend reading.

Weekend Reading

What we’ve been up to this week:

Spending tons of time outside. The weather has been absolutely beautiful and as soon as Liam gets home from school we are outside! It’s been so refreshing. Other than that I had a crazy amount of zoom meetings for different committees I am on and also spent a lot of time working on something super exciting! Coming soon! Other than that the kids, Andrew, and I had pretty normal weeks.

Posts and articles I loved:

Best shampoos for every type of hair

Really interesting article about someone who was on Sex and the City and then quit Hollywood

Advice from 30 women who have reshaped the world

8 spring quotes

I can’t wait for Younger to come back but I am so sad its the final season

Great piece where Ahmaud Arbery’s mother is reflecting on what happened to him one year later

I never use makeup wipes and I love this article

30 Amazing feminist children’s books

Who is ready for Harry and Megan’s interview this Sunday???

Things on my wish list:

Loving the pretty spring colors of this Zella sports bra

Speaking of gorgeous spring colors, I love these Zella leggings on major sale

Blog posts you may have missed:

March 2021 Goals

8 Delicious white wines under $20

Quick and easy ways to spring clean

What kind of fun stuff are you up to this weekend?

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  1. Elizabeth O wrote:

    This weekend, I’ll be taking some much-needed “me time”. I’ve been pushing myself very hard the past few weeks.

    Published 3.6.21
  2. Angela wrote:

    Superb quote for the weekend . Thanks for sharing with us.

    Published 3.6.21
  3. Sarah M wrote:

    I loved reading your post. Last week was freezing cold here and we are hoping for sunny days to enjoy outside in a few weeks.

    Published 3.6.21
  4. Those are all wonderful and interesting posts and articles you have read last week. Hope you had a good time and here’s to a productive and fun week for us all.

    Published 3.7.21
  5. Amila wrote:

    This is a good list of valuable posts.I found some articles as interesting such as never use makeup wipes.

    Published 3.7.21
  6. I’ve been searching for best hair products too! Enjoy the weekend! It’s nice to be heading towards Spring!!

    Published 3.7.21
  7. Ronnie wrote:

    Really glad you got some time outside! We have just been released from lockdown and hope to do the same. Plus I’ll be watching the Megan + Harry interview too!

    Published 3.7.21
  8. Lily wrote:

    Wow so many great articles to read. I want to read the wine ones

    Published 3.9.21
  9. Alexis wrote:

    I love everything Zella too! So fun to see these on your wish list.

    Published 3.15.21