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Weekend Reading Vol. 49

Weekend Reading · July 27, 2019

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For a normal week this week sure seemed to drag on! Anyone else? It was oddly “cold” outside with temps in the mornings in the upper 60s and I surely wish I had enjoyed more of it. This weekend we are celebrating my niece’s third birthday and my mom and I are going to see Once Upon A Time In Hollywood which I am SO EXCITED for. But first, weekend reading.

Weekend Reading

What we’ve been up to: Well last weekend I had an insane allergic reaction. My face was swollen and itchy and red all weekend it was not fun. I am much better now but I had never had that happen before and it was quite scary. This week has been pretty normal with work, camp, errands, and workouts. Thursday night I got dinner with a big group of mom friends, and Friday we had a playdate with a new friend!

Posts/Articles I loved: 

21 Kids Movies From The 90s that define our childhood

Dear Toddler, we will figure out this new baby thing

Be the friend you want to have

Orange Is The New Black is the decades most important show (and it’s back this weekend!)

If you loved or hated Big Little Lies Season 2 this is a good read

40 self-care ideas for people who aren’t into baths and sheet masks

Being a cheese board influencer is a real job

It’s OK to let go of a friendship, even a long-term one

Practice mindful eating

On My Wishlist:

Super obsessed with this diaper bag

My favorite pajamas are on sale and I am always wanting more

Loving this cute dress from Target under $40

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What are you up to this weekend?

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  • 2 thoughts on “Weekend Reading Vol. 49

    1. Ashley

      Glad you survived the allergic reaction! Those are the worst. 🙁 I haven’t been able to watch Big Little Lies season two yet because I don’t have an HBO subscription, but can’t wait to watch it. The first season was great!


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