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Weekend Reading Vol. 58

Weekend Reading · September 28, 2019

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Happy weekend friends! This is such a crazy busy weekend for us. Today we have Little Gym, a fun little fair we are going to (sadly not the state fair today), a birthday party. Then tomorrow we have maternity pics in the morning and a fun dinner with our neighbors tomorrow night. Plus the Cowboys game! So needless to say I may need a weekend to recover. This is our last SUPER busy weekend though. The next two weekends I have baby sprinkles and then we have our anniversary. Once that stuff is passed we will probably use the other 5 weekends before baby girl comes to relax. But first, weekend reading time!

Weekend Reading

What we’ve been up to:  This week was pretty normal but I wasn’t feeling great. I am 31 weeks pregnant today and having this baby at 39 weeks and I am feeling it! I’m slow, lethargic, and just plain bleh. However, we managed to have SOME fun. Liam had a few play dates after school, I got TONS of work done, and Andrew had his normal workweek. Plus all our fall TV shows premiered!

Posts/Articles I loved:

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On my wish list:

Oh wow this sweater is stunning

I love this wrap to wear after workouts

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What are you up to this weekend?


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