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10 Things I’m Excited About

Life · September 27, 2019

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So here I sit about 8 weeks away from being a mom of two under three. A thought that is both exciting and terrifying. OK, I am mostly terrified. There are SO MANY logistics that I worry about. But instead of sharing a post about that because who wants that? I am sharing a post about 10 things I’m excited about. These are NOT all baby related. These are just super random things I am looking forward to an excited for.

10 Things I’m Excited About

  1. Baby duh: Really everything involving her! We can’t wait to see what she’s like, who she looks like, how she and Liam are with each other, what our life is like as a family of four, all of it really!
  2. Our 5th anniversary: In a few weeks (October 11th) Andrew and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary! Sometimes it feels like 5 years flew by and other times I feel like we’ve been married much longer! I am excited for our usual date to Eddie V’s. We had our rehearsal dinner there, it was part of our engagement and we’ve gone for every anniversary!
  3. Being able to fit into my clothes again: This is such a huge thing for me. I feel like I rotate through like 5 t-shirts and either Nike shorts or leggings and I really look forward to being able to wear things in my closet.
  4. Being able to workout without feeling winded/tired: Ugh so I really am trying to work out as long as I can. With Liam, I worked out until 36 weeks and I was just so slow and tired it was basically useless. I am trying for at least the same this time if not longer.
  5. Keratin treatments: After over a year of Keratin treatments not having them the past 9 months has SUCKED. I can’t wait for them and for my hair to be so much easier to dry.
  6. Wine: Umm I miss wine a lot. The end.
  7. Comfortable sleep (even if it’s interrupted): I know that I won’t be sleeping as much but I hope I am more comfortable than I currently am.
  8. More than one coffee a day: I so miss having as much coffee as I want! I can’t wait to be able to drink all the coffee again.
  9. Fall/Winter movies and TV shows: Obviously excited for the normal fall shows but really excited for Morning Show and Shameless. Also excited for Little Women, Ford V Ferarri, and so many other movies. Let’s see how many I actually get around to seeing with a newborn here.
  10. Christmas: Our first Christmas as a family of four! I can’t wait! I ordered baby girls stocking a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to see it! I think Liam is starting to understand Christmas and Santa more so I know this will only be more fun!

I hope you enjoyed this fun post seeing what things I’m excited for!

Why don’t you tell me something you’re excited about this fall?

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  • 11 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Excited About

    1. Stephanie

      You have a lot to look forward to! I am excited for temperatures that make it bearable to be outside. Camping with friends in October and the Cub Scouts in November. Visiting my family in Florida for Thanksgiving and of course, Christmas, then a trip to South Padre Island with the in-laws for New Years!

    2. Norma

      You really have a lot to look forward to the next few months. I would be the most excited for a baby but i already had 2 and I think that’s enough.


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