Weekend Reading Vol. 89

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We have fun plans today to spend lots of spooky family time together! We are trick-or-treating at my parents and grandparents along with a special set of family friends. We will not be doing “normal” trick-or-treating as it’s not recommended. We really try to follow as many protocols as possible. But before all the fun of Halloween-weekend reading!

Weekend Reading

What we’ve been up to: This week was busy! This starts my busiest time for work with the blog. Lots of sponsored campaigns this time of year

Posts/articles I loved:

17 extra fun ways to celebrate Halloween at home

12 coffee table books to add to your space

Best early Black Friday deals

How to fix an error on your absentee ballot

Somewhat healthy sides to make for Thanksgiving

It’s not getting easier

I could have used these! 4 helpful tips to moving with a toddler

3 ways to utilize your online mom group

It’s time to start financially prepping for the holidays

On my wish list:

Pretty much everything at Sephora haha. The big sale is going on so make sure to check it out! Best time to stock up for yourself and also grab holiday gifts!

I have mentioned this sweatshirt a few times but it’s JUST THAT GOOD! I have 2 and I want another! Size down.

Posts you may have missed:

6 Things….

15 things I no longer buy

How to get out of a fitness rut

Sephora Sale Best Buys


What are you up to this weekend?? 


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