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Why I Love Podcasts

Life · Sponsored Post · December 2, 2017

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So you may have noticed if you’ve been reading my blog a while I have shared a LOT of posts about podcasts. I love them. They are pretty much all I listen to in the car, at the gym, while I’m working, etc. When I find a new one I love, it’s the best! I wanted to share a bit about why I love podcasts for those of you who haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon yet.

Why I Love Podcasts

They are a great distraction: If you are sitting in traffic, podcasts are the best. I am not someone who does well in traffic (I have zero patience) so listening to a podcast is a great distraction. Also, they are great on long road trips or if you are doing an activity you are NOT a fan of doing.

They make time go faster: Workouts especially go SO fast when I am listening to a podcast. Or if I am on a walk and Liam is napping (he’s not much of a conversationalist). Also great when cleaning the house, doing laundry, really anything you don’t WANT to do but NEED to do. A podcast is a great thing to have in the background.

You can learn new things: I will be the first to admit I don’t ONLY listen to informative podcasts. I listen to a wide range from blogging, world events, true crime, even reality TV. But no matter what you can learn something new, find out about something new, etc.

One thing you really need though is a good set of headphones especially if you are at the gym or just want some downtime at home, or even in a nail salon (yes I listen to podcasts in nail salons). I was sent Focal’s new cobalt blue color of their Spark Wired In-Ear Headphones recently (you can buy them here on Amazon). They are SO cute and fun. Plus they really cancel out a lot of excess noise. A lot better than the headphones I was using before. They have been with me at the gym and around the house every day since I got them. The price is amazing, $69.99 on Amazon, and they would make an awesome holiday gift for anything! Maybe something to add to your wish list? They are also really comfortable in the ear. I know a lot of headphones can be uncomfortable or even give you earaches or headaches. These DO NOT.

I would love to know your favorite thing about podcasts if you are a listener! 

If you want to try these you can use this code to get $10 off till December 7th!

Thank you to etailz and Focal for sponsoring this post. 

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  • 8 thoughts on “Why I Love Podcasts

    1. Alice

      My boyfriend also swears by podcast. He listens to them as he does long drives, and he says it makes the time fly by! Also, the working out point is so true!

    2. Maryann Lowden

      I am going to Australia in February and plan to listen to a lot of podcasts on the 26 hour flight and I’m going to hint around to my husband that those headphones would make a great Christmas present for Me (LOL)

    3. Southern & Style

      I tried for a while to be a fan of podcasts, but it took finding the right podcasts for me to really fall in love! I enjoyed listening to ones about my favorite shows (Pretty Little Liars, Nashville, and Grey’s Anatomy to list a few) but my all-time favorite is My Favorite Murder-so interesting! They definitely make my walks go by faster 🙂

      xoxo, SS

      Southern and Style


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