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3 Ways To Save Money On Monthly Expenses

Life · Sponsored Post · December 4, 2017

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With the holidays coming up I know we are all looking for ways to save money on monthly expenses. You want to be able to spend more money on gifts and events. So I am sharing 3 ways to save money on monthly expenses that you will for sure want to check out!

3 Ways To Save Money On Monthly Expenses

Monitoring Energy: Do you ever wonder where you can make easy cuts? How about around the house with the energy you use? Do you leave lots of things plugged in? Even if they are off they are using energy and costing you money. What about those 2 TV’s you have that you never use? Yep costing you money. A great way to figure out how much wasted energy you’re using is by installing a Neurio energy monitor. It installs conveniently into your breaker box to monitor your entire home’s energy usage.

You can reduce your “Always On” usage to save you money. Like the example I gave about a TV being plugged in but not being used often. The same with electronics you don’t use a ton (stereo, coffee machine). Here’s another example. Say you have your AC on 73 and you want to know how much you’re REALLY saving by turning it to 75. Neurio can tell you that. It can tell you how much you’re using when you turn your dryer on. Or run the dishwasher. It’s fascinating to see how much you can easily save!



Ask Companies For Lower Rates: If you have XM radio, cable, internet, etc call the companies and ask them for whatever deals they are currently offering. Most companies will lower your bill sometimes even by over $100! It takes maybe 30 minutes total to call them all but it’s worth it! Try it out!

Meal Plan/Take Your Lunch: A great way to make sure you are saving money on monthly expenses is to not buy food you don’t need. I can remember when we did not meal plan, we would just go to the grocery store and buy whatever. The amount of food we threw out is insane. The amount of money that adds up when you eat lunch out 5 days a week is insane. If you meal plan, and take leftovers for lunch you will save HUNDREDS of dollars a month!

Once you make a few cuts you will see how easy they are to live with and truthfully you won’t even notice. I would love to know how you would save money on monthly expenses?

The Neurio Home Energy Monitor is available on Amazon Prime and makes the perfect holiday gift for any homeowner.

Thank you etailz, Neurio, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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  • 36 thoughts on “3 Ways To Save Money On Monthly Expenses

    1. Victoria

      I argue all the time with my husband about leaving “things” on. He says everything we have is low energy but I still see no reason to leave a tv on when we leave the house. lol Good tips.

    2. Jamie

      Eating out is such a money suck! I totally agree with that one. So is the energy bill! Sounds like a great idea to monitor your useage so you know how to cut back!

    3. Bola

      Great suggestion. I didn’t even know when we leave stuffs plugged in , it’s still costing us money. Time to do some unplugging. Thanks .

    4. Jaime

      I need to check this out. We’ve changed a few things in our home to make it more energy efficient, but I think it would be great to figure out what the biggest energy suckers are now!

    5. Azreen Sofia

      Great post but I disagree with the third point. I don’t mind spending much for food because that’s what my parents taught me; minimize expenses for things, but not for food.

    6. Tessa

      Interesting. This might be a stocking stuffer for my husband. He has a tendency to leave lights on and when I call him out on it, ‘Oh, I was leaving it on for you baby.’ In the gun cabinet? Really? I think not. This might open his eyes a bit.

    7. Mjchristine

      Bills will always be on top of priority and saving on energy bill os an amazing idea! Its very interesting how this thing work and it would definitely help a lot of families from paying high cost of energy bills monthly.

    8. Lyndsey

      These are great tips!!! We do most of these in our house. We use a nest it was given to us by our electric company a while back. I also take my own lunch to work . I haven’t thought about asking for different rates though.

    9. brianne

      These are such great tips and I so need to do this for the new year. I never make my own lunch, I always buy and I know that cost could totally go down!

    10. Katie

      I’ve even heard of people calling their credit card companies and asking for a lower interest rate (and finding success!). That hasn’t worked for me but I do need to do it with some of my other bills and see what I can do!

    11. Sami Summers

      What a nifty little device! I have never heard of anything like this before, but it sounds like it would be fantastic, especially once the kids are able to reach the light switches. I am also pro take your lunch to work. If you’re good at it, you save money on lunches and on groceries!

    12. Mary Leigh

      These are great ideas! We regularly monitor our energy usage and try to plan our meals out well! This neurio looks really neat to help with the energy use! What a great tool!


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