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10 Best Purchases This Year

Life · October 14, 2019

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I did this post last year and it’s one of my most viewed posts so I figured I would do it again! I want to share my 10 best purchases this year with you guys because with the holidays coming up, and it may give you some gift ideas! Since I was pregnant most of the year there won’t be a ton of clothing items, but there is a little of everything.

10 Best Purchases This Year

New Yeti: Right after we moved I kind of broke my pink Yeti. I ended up purchasing a large white one and I really love it! I love the color and buying the straw to go with it really helps me drink so much more water.

Tote Savvy inserts: So these were actually sent to me by the brand but have already been SO USEFUL! I know I will use these a ton with the baby (my main reason for getting them) but I am already seeing a ton of use.

Lake Maternity Pajamas This is something I purchased about halfway through my pregnancy. I really wanted some soft comfy pajamas and even though I have had non-maternity Lake Pajamas for a few years I had no idea they had maternity pajamas. I got 2 pairs and I wear them nonstop!

Naturopathica Gel Cleanser: I have sung the praises of this cleanser so many times. I have been using it twice daily since May and it’s seriously one of the best cleansers I have ever used. As many of you know I try really hard to stick to a clean skincare routine and this is a huge part of it.

Fun Adidas Sneakers: These are a super new purchase. I saw someone post them on Instagram and just had to have them for fall. They really dress up black leggings! Such a fun shoe and my absolute favorite style of sneakers.

Follain Lip Balm: Over the summer I was at Follain grabbing the above-mentioned face wash and snagged this lip balm. I have since gotten 2 more and keep them everywhere. It’s clean and so moisturizing.

iPhone 11: Yes I preordered the new phone when it came out! I really wanted to have a bigger phone. I was missing that from my iPhone 8 Plus. I love love love the new iPhone and so glad I made the splurge.

Wander Beauty Mascara For sure the best mascara I tried this year. I keep going back to it and honestly, the price is pretty good too.

Olaplex No. 6: My hairdresser used this one time when I was there getting a cut and I loved it so I got some and I have been using it at home the past few months. It’s such a great leave-in and makes my hair so soft.

Silk bunny ear scrunchies I have sung the praises of silk scrunchies for a year now but the bunny ear ones are SO FUN! They really dress up my normal ponytail.

I would love to know some of your best purchases this year! Share below!

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  • 16 thoughts on “10 Best Purchases This Year

    1. Clarice

      I had fun checking out your list. I am also thinking of getting an Iphone 11 but still waiting to read more reviews before getting one. 🙂

      Also, love the silk bunny ear scrunchies – super cute and adorable.

    2. Stephanie

      I think the best purchase we made this year was our family-size tent. We went camping last weekend for the first time in it and will go again in a few weeks with the Cub Scouts. It’s a 3-bedroom 16×16 tent, so it’s plenty big enough for all four of us to comfortably be in together. My husband got the iPhone 11. I still have my 8 Plus but it works for me right now. His was a 6 so it was time for an upgrade.

    3. Makaela

      Ugh I definitely need to go ahead and order the new iPhone! I’m still using the iPhone 6s and the camera quality of the new phones definitely makes me jealous!

    4. Christa

      I love those sneakers! I got a great pair of adidas at the Nordstrom Sale. It might be time to add to my collection.

    5. Melanie williams

      Sounds like you have purchased some fab things. I could do with a new lip balm, so may have to try your pick out x


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