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10 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

Fitness and Health · Inspire · February 11, 2019

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Having bad days is ok. Having days where you want to do nothing is ok too! But just in case you don’t ever want to have those days I am sharing 10 ways to cheer yourself up! I personally would rather try to cheer myself up than be sad.

10 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

  • Play with animals: I am not a huge animal person, but how can you be sad when playing with puppies? It’s just not possible.
  • Go workout: I mean Elle Woods said it best, endorphins make you happy. But truthfully when I have been in a funky mood and gone to work out I am always so happy after. Workouts really can cheer you up. I love listening to a new playlist or a new podcast episode during a good workout too!
  • Spend time with family: When I am sad my biggest mood booster is playing with Liam and Andrew! Going to the park or taking Liam outside and hearing his sweet laugh! THE BEST!
  • Color: I love a good adult coloring book or even kids ones!
  • Watch something funny: I love this mood booster from Ellen. I have mentioned it before but seriously try to NOT laugh! Or you know search funny cat videos. Whatever floats your boat!
  • Meet a friend for a walk: I love going for walks with girlfriends. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and go walk and talk with a friend. I promise you will feel better!
  • Make a list of everything good: Everything good in your life. Maybe you can reevaluate why you are in a sad mood when you see everything good in your life!
  • Declutter: Sometimes just crap everywhere can put you in a funky mood. Try to declutter a few spaces and see if that helps!
  • Volunteer: Because when you are helping others you can’t possibly be sad!
  • Paint your nails: Because chipped nails will put anyone in a bad mood!

What would you add to this list? What are some ways to cheer yourself up that you utilize?

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  • 22 thoughts on “10 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

    1. Brit

      These are great! I personally like the playing with animals idea. My cat George has cheered me up in the darkest of times – just from being cute and cuddly.

    2. Stephanie

      Such a great list! Except, give me kittens over puppies any day and I will be happy. I am not a dog person at all but love all the kitties! The only one I don’t do is my nails because I just don’t paint them often anymore. But, maybe I should put some color on my toenails for something bright and fun.

    3. Beth

      I love all these ideas, especially playing with animals! I find that journaling always helps me find the source of what’s making me unhappy. When I’m ready to let it go and cheer up, you can’t go wrong with putting on some loud music and dancing it out!

    4. Joanne

      Great suggestions! My family and my dog can always cheer me up! Watching a few old episodes of Friends is always good for cheering up too!

    5. Alexis

      A nice bubble bath with lavender or vanilla essential oils, reading a nice book, reading the good word, and confiding in your husband or mother are my pickme ups. Also going to Ask-Mart and getting a new shirt but that is dangerous haha. Great list i like painting my nails

    6. fazil

      These are great! I personally like the playing with animals idea. My cat George has cheered me up in the darkest of times – just from being cute and cuddly.

    7. leafthatneverfall

      I always watch something funny or clean my house until I feel better. Thank you for sharing the post, I will try other ways next time.

    8. Elizabeth O

      I think your list covers key ways to get the mind and body moving in a new and cheerful direction. I find that writing helps me shift my mood and even a good book transports me to another clime.

    9. Kayla

      Spending an entire day dedicated to my babies and my husband is my favorite way to kinda detox the stress in life. Family is so important to me,


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