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11 Things To Let Go Of In Your 30’s

Inspire · Life · January 9, 2019

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This April I turn 35. It’s crazy that when I started this blog I was 25 and here I am about to turn 35. I feel like my 20s were a time I was really getting to know myself and what I wanted. My 30’s have been a time of really learning to love myself more. It has also been a time of learning what I need to let go of. These are 11 things to let go of in your 30’s you may want to think about.

let go of in your 30's

11 Things To Let Go Of In Your 30’s

The number on the scale: This is something I am still trying to let go of, and honestly I think until I just get rid of having a scale this will haunt me. I wish (and I challenge you) that I could just focus on how I feel in clothes instead of the number.

Anyone who brings you down: This is something I think covers a variety of areas. I think on social media you can’t follow people who bring you down or make you feel less than or bad about yourself. I also think that in your life you can’t surround yourself with people who bring you down. If they aren’t cheering you on they don’t belong in your life.

Stuff you wore in your 20s that you would never wear again: Recently I did a MAJOR closet clean out (more on that soon) and could not believe that I had a dress from 2007 that I had not worn in at least 8 years. Thank you, next.

College t-shirts: If you’ve been out of college for a decade maybe, say goodbye to the sorority and fraternity shirts.

Sleeping with makeup on: This is something we should NEVER do in our teens, 20s, or 30s! But especially in your 30s. It is HORRIBLE for your skin!

Not eating veggies: We are too old to pull the whole “I hate veggies” thing. There are so many delicious ways to cook them! Find one you like.

Trying to be a people pleaser: I am the worst about saying no. My motto for 2019 is “if it’s not a f*** yeah it’s a no.” You can’t please everything and you can’t pour from an empty cup!

A career that makes you miserable: If you hate your job, start looking for a new one. You are still too young to be miserable!

Debt: I am not talking about a house payment, car payment, or student loan. I am talking about racking up credit card debt. If you can’t pay for it right now you don’t need it.

Negative self-talk: I wish I could be perfect at this. I wish I could do this all the time but one thing I try really hard to do is not be too down on myself.

Unhealthy habits: Not sleeping enough, not eating healthy, not having balance, not exercising, spending time with the wrong people. Terrible habits like these need to be gone!

What’s are some things you to let go of in your 30’s you think about?

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  • 25 thoughts on “11 Things To Let Go Of In Your 30’s

    1. Krysten

      Ugh sleeping with makeup on grosses me out SO MUCH. Not only is it gross for your face, why would you want that all over your pillowcase? ICK!

      As a 35 year old (I didn’t realize we were so close in age!) I wholeheartedly agree with all of these!

    2. Jenn

      I LOVE these! I agree with anyone who brings you down but also letting go of people who no longer help you grow or bring you joy. I also think letting go of anything (material or digital) that no longer brings you joy.

      Thank you for the inspiration!

    3. Stephanie

      I will be 31 next month, so just starting out in my 30s, but I agree with so much of this! I have a scale, and I use it to check in now and then, but I usually go with how I feel more than the number. The hardest thing for me is always saying “no” so I have been trying to work on that lately.

    4. Rachel

      As someone who is about to turn 30, I think this list is great. It is honestly so true and I hope this year I will be able to let go of these things 🙂 Question: If I let go of my college stuff should I let go of my high school stuff too? HAHA

    5. Jessie

      I love this!!! I think every adult needs to let go of these things! I am not in my 30s yet… not far off though and I have already let most of these go years ago when I became a mom-especially the people who bring me down and trying to be a people pleaser. Great post! I will be sharing!

    6. Kayla

      Love all of these [although i’m not yet 30] especially letting go of people that bring you down. Ain’t no body got time for toxic people

    7. Angela Tolsma

      I just turned 32 and last night made the mistake of sleeping with mascara on… grrrr. But OMG do I ever agree with this list. I just don’t have time for crap anymore and it is refreshing. I wish I had realized it sooner!

    8. Becca Wilson

      This is all some really great advice. I just turned 30 last year and I swear I feel like I do a lot of these things still!

    9. Liz Cleland

      All of these are so true!! The number on my scale is probably the hardest after having my son. My skin/body just has not bounced back like it once did when I was younger!

    10. Christa

      These are such wonderful things to leave behind! I’m in my 40s and am still working on some of them, including being a people pleaser. Life’s a journey, ya know? Happy Birthday!

    11. Flossie McCowald

      Haha, having FINALLY finished school a week before turning 30, I let go of the student life at long last. And being a night person – I somehow became a morning person, just like flipping a switch.

    12. Nita

      If its not a f*** yeah , then its a no cracked me up. But I agree wholeheartedly. I dont know why anyone forces themselves to take part in activities or social events that dont bring them joy just to make other people happy. I am definitely going to start applying this to my own life!

    13. VIJAYAN

      I love this! This is such an great advice for not only adults who are turning 30 but for anyone who is responsible enough.

    14. jo Ann lawery

      Happy new year to you and your family , Neely. I am in my late 60 ‘ s and I can relate to some of these things . I haven’t looked at a scale in forever. As I could not stand being in college , you will NEVER see me in a college shirt, unless it says University of Alabama Crimson Tide Football but hey I’m not the Sports Diva for nothing, lol. I unfortunately still do wear makeup to bed, but I’m getting better at it. I don’t drink as much as I used to but I’m not getting passed out drunk like I used to . I wanna steal your motto , too funny.

    15. Lutheranliar

      I’m, hmmm, about twice your age (!) and I still learned from your list. My version of your clothes cleanout is stated as “just because it fits, doesn’t mean you should wear it”. Your best piece of advice is one I still struggle with; the one about not being around anyone who brings you down. You are wise beyond your Thirty-Something years!

    16. Collette

      Haha the Greek shirts was pretty funny- I finally did that recently.
      I’d say another is feeling like you should go out on Friday nights when really you just want a chill night at home after work! That was definitely a 20s mindset to kick.

    17. Emily

      I’m 36 and believe letting go of caring what people think has been huge for me. I’ve been going gray for at least the past 10 years and for a long time I let that get to me. Not anymore.

    18. silvia

      Really enjoyed reading your list- and while I’m not 30 yet, approaching it has gave me a better understanding of myself. And I feel like I’m finally learningn my value, learning to stand up for myself at work and in my personal relationships. So what I’m looking to let go now are the people and relationships who I feel no longer suit me or make me feel cherished and fulfilled.

    19. Naveen Kumar

      I have fallen in love with your blog and I’m not 30 yet but I will definitely keep this tips in mind. Life has taught me many lessons in terms of relationships, love and many more and when I read your blog it gives me some energy to breathe out.

    20. nora

      I’m working on doing all of these now, some apply and a couple don’t but I’ve worked towards being a more put together adult in the past few years and its the best any of us can do is just to TRY and improve.


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