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11 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Blogger

Blogging · June 19, 2017

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The blog world is ever changing. Algorithms, trends, rules, etc. It can be kind of draining to keep up with it all. If blogging is something you take seriously or do to make money, staying motivated as a blogger is KEY! I want to share with you 11 ways to stay motivated as a blogger.

ways to stay motivated as a blogger

11 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Blogger

  • Have a blogger bestie: Having friends in the blog world that you can confide in, bounce ideas off of, and genuinely connect with is so helpful. Some of my early blogging friends don’t blog anymore, but our friendships have lasted for years! Many of them were at my wedding (or in it!) Blogging besties can keep you motivated and remind you why you are so awesome.
  • Turn To Pinterest: I find Pinterest SO inspirational and motivational. It’s the best way to find ideas for new blog posts too! I find that taking Pinterest breaks keeps me motivated to always do better.
  • Make blogging goals: I make monthly goals but I usually mix in a blogging goal or two in there. For my yearly goals I also have some blogging goals. It keeps me motivated to always improve from year to year.
  • Attend a conference/webinar: These days I feel like blog conferences are becoming more of a thing of the past, and webinars are what it’s all about. There are TONS of free blogging webinars ALL OVER. Pretty much covering every topic you can think of. These are great ways to get some motivation, learn some new things, and even connect with other bloggers.
  • Pitch to a brand: Nothing will make you feel more motivated than landing a great gig with a brand.
  • Join a new blogging group: This could be on Facebook or local, but being involved with a new group of bloggers is so helpful and motivating. Just seeing what others are doing will make your inner girl boss come out.
  • Chat in a blogger Facebook group: Sometimes asking a question, or just venting in a blogging group on Facebook can help. I mean recently I saw someone venting about changes to Instagram and instantly tons of bloggers were talking about the same frustrations. Remember that you are probably having the same frustrations as others.
  • Get a mentor: Maybe there’s someone who’s been doing it a little longer than you. Maybe there’s someone who can really mentor you and point you in the right direction in blog world. Find a mentor and see if they can give you some guidance.
  • Remember why you started: Sometimes just stopping and remembering why you started your blog in the first place can give you the motivation you’re lacking. I mean we all started for a reason right? Maybe it was because you loved to write and share stories or maybe you really wanted to make money at it. Just remember why you started.
  • Try not to take it too seriously: At the end of the day it’s a blog. Even if it’s your full time job. Try not to make it the most important part of your life. You have family, friends, kids, significant others, etc. Focus on them.
  • Take a break from it all: Sometimes giving yourself a day, a week, a month to step away from social media and blogging will give you the push you need. It will give you a new perspective. Give yourself a break if that’s what you need.

How do you find ways to stay motivated as a blogger?

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  • 49 thoughts on “11 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Blogger

    1. Robin Rue

      I have a few secret blogger groups that I am a part of where we can bounce things off of each other or just chat. It’s very helpful to hear what others think sometimes.

    2. Geethica

      This post is very motivating. Having friends from blogging world really helps. I have self experienced this. And yes, stopping in the middle of everything and asking yourself why you started it all is the real push.

    3. Julie

      I love everything on this list especially have a blogger bestie and set blogging goals. These two things keep me going daily. Another great one I love and try to do regularly is to remember why we started. Thanks so much for sharing!

    4. Kiara

      I’ve been diving hard into making some huge changes for my blog and I completely agree with signing up for webinars! I’ve taken four or five in the last two months and I’ve learned a ton from Pinterest to marketing! I also agree having a blogging friend is huge for staying motivated.

    5. Alissa

      I TOTALLY needed this today. It’s sometimes so hard to keep up the motivation especially when you have writers block! These are so helpful and I love that you said to remember why you started in the first place!

    6. Erika

      I am book marking this page immediately and coming back it to anytime I feel stuck. I also love the idea of simply just reminding yourself of why you blog..this is so important. If you’re blogging for money or low-level instal-fame it will show an your site won’t be sincere! Great tips! 🙂

    7. Nazrin

      I have told myself time and time again as a blogger Pinterest is my best friend bu I do not know why I can’t get my head around it! Do you have any tips or tricks to help ease me into the Pinning world?!!! It’s even sadder because there isn’t anyone in my world that blogs either! The support around me is beautiful but a friend is always handy!

    8. katriza

      I struggle with this so much! I’ve actually stopped reading a lot of blogging success stories because the way those people have made money, isn’t the way I want to run my blog =/ Makes it difficult to keep this going! These are some great tips ! Definitely keeping them in mind!

    9. Summer Telban

      Yes to everything on this list, Neely! I agree that taking a break is sometimes needed for finding your motivation for blogging again. I try to take good breaks at least every 2 months.

    10. Channing

      I used to take blogging way too seriously and pressured myself to try to monetize it but I took and step back, went to college and now I feel refreshed and love it more! Now I see it as more of a hobby and I’m enjoying it so much more now! I think if you can make money doing it, then that’s nice too.

    11. Davi

      Love these suggestions! I find the hardest part is prioritizing and sometimes that leads to burnout. I make a to-do list of EVERYTHING I want to write/do/research/focus on and break it up into priority and days. It helps to mark things off the list rather than constantly adding to it! I actually take breaks from Pinterest because the amount of information and ideas can be overwhelming to me!

    12. Joline

      Taking a break is so so so important. I’ve only been blogging for a little while but I’ve become so overwhelmed countless times!! I’ve found stepping away for a while helps put things in perspective.

    13. Corinne & Kirsty

      These are all great tips! I do have moment where I don’t want to blog anymore and then, I take a step back, realize I miss it and get back to it full of fresh inspo! Pinterest is such a great source of inspo indeed! xx corinne

    14. Elizabeth Johnson

      Love these! Blogger bestie is so key! It is so hard to stay motivated when you isolate yourself but having that connection/relationship is so incredible helpful to keep going!

    15. Ref J

      Remembering why you started and taking a break have been essential in keeping me motivated. I don’t have a blogging bestie but I do chat with quite a few bloggers on a regular basis and that helps motivate me as well.

    16. Keating |

      So many great tips!! I’m finding it a bit challenging lately to find that extra motivation with a baby at home, but having blog friends and staying active online helps me a ton. I’m dying to find a good conference to attend too. I’m hoping to find a good one near me this year 🙂

    17. Lauren | Glitter & Grandeur

      This list is fantastic! I really need to find a blogger bestie. Most people don’t understand what I do. 😛 Pinterest is definitely a good motivator and source of inspiration. I need to start watching more webinars though. The bad thing is that most of them are during the day and I’m at my full-time job when they air… I miss the days when all I did was blog. 😛
      Thanks for sharing, love! As always, you inspire me!
      xoxo Lauren | Glitter & Grandeur

    18. Grandi | My Aggrandized Life

      These are great tips. I always feel like I have a million things to do and my desk is covered with different dry-erase boards, planners, notebooks, and I even have an Excel workbook with multiple worksheets going at any given time. Lists definitely help me stay motivated, and I list 3 main goals for the day from my list. If I am able to accomplish those, then I am not discouraged. 🙂

    19. Johanne

      Love the list. I would love to have a blogger buddy! I usually go on Pinterest to stay motivated. And de Facebook groups help me a lot. I’ve been trying to get organized and set goals, but that somehow has made me less motivated.

    20. Jenn

      I needed this! I just got back from a week long no internet no cell phone vacation and am struggling to get my motivation back.

    21. Scott

      I find writing about a different subject than normal helps with the motivation. Finding something new is a learning experience!

    22. Tiara Wilson

      These are such great tips. For me, it’s simply easy to stay motivated in blogging, because I blog about my beautiful families and I blog about births. I get to tell someones story in my perspective which is always amazing!

    23. Lorna

      I recently (ish) took a blogging break, and it was the best thing I could have done for my blog and writing a whole. I’m always willing to be someone else’s blogging bestie, so there’s that, too.

      Lorna x

    24. Taylor Mobley

      The best thing for me was becoming a part of a blogging mastermind. I love having key girls to go to every day to bounce ideas off of. They are some of my very best friends now.

    25. Charlotte

      Great tips, momma. Sometimes my blogging mojo leaves me, but I’m trying to incorporate more inspiration from outside venues for my blog posts. Like spending more time in nature, with friends, using Pinterest, connecting with blog circles on Facebook… these are all wonderful suggestions. I think blogging burnout is a very real thing and sometimes it helps to know we’re not alone 🙂


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