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2020 Goals and 2019 Reflections

Inspire · Life · December 20, 2019

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Today will be my last post for the year. Last year I took off from right before Christmas till right after New Years and it was SUCH a good decision for me. I was able to enjoy the holidays with my family and really relax. Having a 4 week old baby this year I VERY much need this! So today I am going to share my 2020 Goals and  2019 reflections as a way to close out the year.

2020 Goals and 2019 Reflections

In 2019 I wanted to…

  • Read 60 books: Yes I did do this and then some! I love making reading a goal.
  • If I am lucky enough to get pregnant have a much healthier pregnancy this time around and not eat ALL THE THINGS. Make sure if I get pregnant I continue with safe workouts. So I did get pregnant but I still gained just about as much weight. I worked out daily and tried to eat healthy but this is just how my body does things.
  • Continue with yoga and improve my practice and start attending more barre classes again. I did take a lot more barre classes but dropped the ball with yoga.
  • Grow social media numbers: My Instagram and Pinterest grew!
  • Work with 5 NEW brands: I did work with SO many new brands this year and I am so beyond grateful!
  • Cross 20 things off my 101 in 1001 list:  I crossed a lot off but I don’t think 20! Hopefully, we can do more this coming year.
  • Take a vacation with just Andrew and one with Liam as well: Andrew and I went to Naples, FL and it was wonderful. Then I got pregnant so any plans to take Liam somewhere went away sadly.
  • Take Liam to Austin again: Not this year but hopefully next!
  • Have a more successful business year than the previous year: BIG HUGE CHECK! My best year yet!
  • Find a way to make our rooms more organized as a whole. I feel like we have too much clutter in closets and they could use better shelving/organization: Well we moved instead but we have made our new rooms here much more organized! Thank you Container Store and Neat Method!!

In 2020 I want to…

  • Read 50 books (2 kids so I’m trying to be realistic)
  • Lose all the baby weight in a healthy way and feel good about myself in the process
  • Do yoga once a week even if it’s at home
  • Do barre once a week even if it’s at home
  • Try to be more relaxed with Charlotte than I was with Liam as an infant
  • Get out of the house with the baby as much as possible while Liam is in school
  • Take a vacation with Andrew
  • Take both kids to Houston at least once
  • Cross 15 new things off my 101 in 1001 list
  • Work with 5 New brands
  • Have a more successful 2020 than 2019 business-wise
  • Spend a lot of time with my grandparents
  • Make myself and self-care/my health a priority daily (walk 10K steps, drink lots of water, take vitamins, etc)

Also with this, I want to pick a focus word for 2020. This year my focus word is HEALTH. Mental health, physical health, emotional health. I want to have a healthy body inside and out. I want to have a healthy mind and really be proactive with my mental health. I also want to feel more emotionally healthy.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and New Years and I will be back with a new post on January 2nd!

Thank you so much for reading this year and for supporting me. It means the absolute world to me. Hard to believe I am now a week into my 11th year of blogging!

What is one of your goals for 2020?

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  • 25 thoughts on “2020 Goals and 2019 Reflections

    1. Christa

      Congratulations on such a great 2019! I think “health” is a great word for 2020. It’s something we should all prioritize.

    2. Nyxie

      I hope you manage to achieve all your goals for the coming year. I have a similar plan in regard to reading, yoga, and vacations.
      Have a lovely festive season!

    3. Sara B.

      Wow, I am in awe of you reading 60 books this year! I’ve also set a reading goal and made some reading pledges – fingers crossed we both reach our goals! All the best for the new year.

    4. Crystal Green

      I like how you set reading goals. I am working on getting back to reading more again. I am hoping to start a “Life-Changing Book Club” 2020 if I can stem up enough interest for it. I’m currently reading two books, and have a long list of more I want to read.

      Congrats on having a new baby. I am DONE having kids. I have three living with me and two in other states (they’re older.) It sounds like you’re like me and gains weight whether you want to or not. Hopefully, you’ll be able to lose it quickly.

    5. Bethany Ashlyn

      I love reading these types of articles!! It always gives me great inspiration for my own goals and helps me stay motivated. Good luck on your 2020 goals and I hope the year is just as good if not better than 2019!

    6. Heather

      I love reading your posts, especially in regards to your goals! It is so inspiring to see what you are trying to accomplish and then finding out what goals you ended up reaching. I am so excited about the new year because I have already started working on my 2020 goals and have actually accomplished one already! I hope I can keep up the momentum. Have a fantastic Christmas and a great New Year!

    7. Natasha

      I LOVE setting goals and creating plans, so it’s no wonder why I like the end of the year when it’s time to make a recap, evaluate where you’re at, and decide what to focus on next. To me, it always seems so interesting to see in a nutshell how things worked out in the past year. Thanks for sharing your story, and congratulations on achieving so many goals. Continue in the same manner! 😉


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