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2020 Yearly Goals Check In

Inspire · Life · September 16, 2020

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Well, I meant to do this post in June and clearly that did not happen. I wrote a post about all my 2020 yearly goals and of course when I wrote that post we had no idea what 2020 was going to look like. But, I still wanted to check in on my goals. I really feel like I have done a great job even with COVID-19, Liam being at home the past 6 months, and trying to balance everything.

2020 Yearly Goals Check In

This is what I wanted to accomplish this year:

  • Read 50 books (2 kids so I’m trying to be realistic): I feel like I will accomplish this. I am pretty close!
  • Lose all the baby weight in a healthy way and feel good about myself in the process: I have about 6 lbs to go and admittedly these final lbs have been the absolute hardest! It’s quite frustrating to be so close to a goal and have a hard time reaching it.
  • Do yoga once a week even if it’s at home: I have only done yoga about 5 times this year total. All at home. I really want to try to do it more. It’s hard to carve about enough time.
  • Do barre once a week even if it’s at home: I have done barre at least once a week since I got cleared for workouts!
  • Try to be more relaxed with Charlotte than I was with Liam as an infant: I am absolutely more relaxed in every way and can confidently say I have had no postpartum anxiety. Even with as sick as Charlotte was with RSV, Flu, and Parainfluenza the first few months.
  • Get out of the house with the baby as much as possible while Liam is in school: Yes, Charlotte and I recently started a Little Gym class (don’t worry I wear a mask and it’s very small and safe).
  • Take a vacation with Andrew: We went to Laguna Nigel, CA and it was fabulous. I still need to do a Laguna Nigel travel guide.
  • Take both kids to Houston at least once: Yes we went and March and will be going at least 2 more times before the end of the year.
  • Cross 15 new things off my 101 in 1001 list: I actually started a new list and I have already started crossing things off!
  • Work with 5 New brands: YES!
  • Have a more successful 2020 than 2019 business-wise: Well, COVID-19 has really hurt that goal. Blogging campaigns were slower during March-May, and while I may not have a more successful year, I am on track to reach a good point for the year.
  • Spend a lot of time with my grandparents: YES! We have seen them nearly every week and it has been so special to me.
  • Make myself and self-care/my health a priority daily (walk 10K steps, drink lots of water, take vitamins, etc): Yes, I mostly have done this. I feel like I could always be better with my water intake.

My word of the year was HEALTH.

How have you done with your goals for the year?

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  • 12 thoughts on “2020 Yearly Goals Check In

    1. Jennifer Prince

      Aw! I’m glad that your goal of being more relaxed in motherhood is working out. So so important to trust your instincts. Great job, momma! <3

    2. Beth Berger

      Great job on these goals! You’re doing fantastic!!! I’ve been taking an online personal finance course and after writing up some money goals we were instructed to put check-ins in our Google calendars at different points throughout the year. I’d never thought to do that before and thought it was a great idea! Now you’ve inspired me to do the same thing with my yearly goals. 🙂

    3. Stephanie

      All things considered, it sounds as though your year has turned out pretty great when it comes to your goals. I loved seeing your 101 in 1001 list, and I can’t wait to hear how you crush those goals as well! You’re on a roll!

    4. Christa

      I love both the variety of your goals and your dedication in achieving each. 2020 has certainly been a rollercoaster year with lots of unexpected consequences!

    5. Deborah

      Thank you for sharing your update! It looks like you’ve done quite well on most of your goals and I like that you tried to do all of these in a slow, sustainable manner!


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