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5 Things To Do To Kill Time

Life · Sponsored Post · April 13, 2017

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We’ve all been there right? Waiting rooms, standstill traffic, or my latest 30 minute feeding sessions at 3 AM. Times you need something to do to distract you from being bored. After all, my 8 week old isn’t much of a conversationalist at 3 AM. Today I am sharing 5 things to do to kill time. Or at least what I do 🙂

5 Things To Do To Kill Time

Play a Game: You guys. Have you ever played Best Fiends? This game is seriously addictive. I actually find myself looking forward to having time to kill so I can play it! Waiting rooms at Dr’s appointments and during and after feedings when I can’t fall back to sleep. This is what I do. Can’t stop, Won’t stop! Best Fiends is a free puzzle adventure game where you collect and upgrade characters by matching same-colored objects to defeat the slugs. I’m on level 21 (hey I have a lot of late night free time!) Try and beat me and tell me what level you are on! Best Fiends has a ton of in-game events and challenges, including the Easter Egg challenge going on for the month of April. You can play the game without any WiFi so perfect for plane rides, road trips, etc!

First 100 readers to download the FREE game and get to level 10 will get $4.99 worth of gold and diamonds for free! Go download Best Fiends for FREE! Just click here

Listen to a Podcast: If you’ve been reading my blog you’d know I’m quite the fan of podcasts. I have my favorite blogging podcasts and favorite regular podcasts. I also have a ton more I’ve been loving in an upcoming posts. Lately I am always behind, so 30 minutes here and there listening is always fun to me. Traffic is especially a time I get some good listening in. Especially if baby boy is napping in the back seat!

Catch Up On TV: Yes 3 AM is a great time to open that Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime app and watch an episode of a TV show! I have been LOVING some new shows I started watching recently. Post coming soon! But Riverdale, Big Little Lies, and Designated Survivor are my favs!

Read: I have a lot of my books on my phone. That’s actually why I opted for the iPhone 7 Plus. This is also how I manage to find times to read with a baby. 3 AM feedings or feedings in general are a great time to read! I also use this time to read blog posts and catch up on social media or news articles.

Make To Do Lists: I wouldn’t be my OCD self if I didn’t have 1 or 10 to do lists going, right? When I have time to kill I always check my to do list and make new ones or add to them. It makes me feel like I am being productive even when I am sitting.

I would love to know what things to do to kill time you’d suggest!

Thank you Best Fiends for sponsoring this post. 

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  • 34 thoughts on “5 Things To Do To Kill Time

    1. Heaven Leigh

      I always end up reading to kill time, whether it’s a new book on my phone or reading other blog posts. I also love making to do lists! Even though half of the time, I know I’m really not doing anything but thinking of more to do LOL.

    2. Nicole

      I have been obsessing over Designated Survivor! I was always fascinated by that concept of someone being “randomly” picked in case of a total disaster. SUCH a good show!!

    3. Mary Leigh

      Making lists and reading are my favorites! We don’t think of ways to kill time very often since we are most often trying to find more time – but we can use the time we need to kill wisely, too. (And sometimes the best thing to do is just rest!)

    4. Kristen Raney

      I’m a fan of Genies and Gems, which we lovingly refer to as “the Fox” in our family. There’s a little fox that cries if you don’t pass the level. Anyway, great ideas for filling up time.

    5. Diane

      Oh I am totally addicted to Designated Survivor!!! One of my favorites!! I love to read when I have time to kill. It is one of the things I love about Kindle. I can take my iPad along and read one of many books I have on there…whatever mood strikes me!!

    6. Elizabeth Ann

      When I was little and my mom had to take us to the doctors office we used play the tune game. My mom would hum a tune from a popular television show and we would have to guess the show. With five kids in one tiny exam room it was so fun. Some of my favorite memories!

    7. Nikki Leigh

      I love your list. I have a hard time concentrating so I usually listen to audiobooks instead of reading. I make to-do lists but somehow I always get off track and distracted. I love to play poker as a time killer on the WSOP app. Great suggestions!

    8. Tonya Wilhelm

      Unfortunately, I seem to be lacking time to kill. hahaha However, I am always early for appointments so I kill time in my car. I tend to catch up on social media contacts or read a book. These are fun ideas.

    9. Jobie Medina

      I don’t have much time to kill but I do tend to make my to-do lists during this time….or when I’m trying to fall asleep. Lol And if I do find extra time, I love catching up on tv shows.

    10. Anita Anderson

      Funny but that is the time to get the stuff we want to do written down. I know I tend to think while I can’t sleep and then forget what I said I was going to do when I wake up in the morning.

    11. Beth (Granny Beth3)

      I keep a slim book of poetry in my purse. Books are too heavy and often the wait is too short to really get back into them. I don’t like to read off my phone, too small. So I learned to keep slim paperpacks of poetry. A poem is like a song in my heart.

    12. Krysta

      That game looks so fun.
      I just started listening to podcasts and I really enjoy them. There are SO MANY to choose from – sometimes it can be overwhelming lol. The first one I listened to was The Minimalists and I really liked it!

    13. Erica Schwarz

      Ohh I do not miss the 3am feedings, but I sure miss breastfeeding my “babies” that are now 14 and 6. And Netflix does rock for sure at those times.

    14. Pam

      I think reading is my favorite thing to kill time. It certainly does make the time go by fast. I am not one for playing games but I imagine that probably works well too.

    15. Divya

      I’m big on listening to podcasts whenever I get a free moment. I feel like it inspires a lot of creativity AND I will generally build up motivation to do something else while I’m listening (e.g. dishes, cleaning, etc.)

    16. Sheila Jo

      I’m still stuck on Words With Friends as my game of choice for short waits. It helps that I have a good-natured but intense rivalry going on with a couple friends in that game! 🙂
      Reading happens on my longer waits. Always have a book and/or e-reader in my purse.
      Podcasts are great for commutes and boring household tasks!

    17. Jim

      I need to learn to kill time more often :D. I find myself often locked to my work. It would do me good to get away and kill some time. Thank you for posting a reminder.


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