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3 Ways To Reduce Skin Redness

Beauty · Sponsored Post · December 14, 2017

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Is anyone else’s skin acting completely crazy this time of year? Between parties, the food I don’t normally eat, and maybe a glass of wine or two my skin is just not looking its best. It’s been red, splotchy, and breaking out more. If you are also dealing with red, splotchy skin this winter, then today is your lucky day! I’ve chatted with Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, a board certified dermatologist, to learn more about ways to reduce redness in the skin. Check out my three go-to ways below, as well as an infographic from Eucerin and my Q & A with Dr. Tanzi.

3 Ways to Reduce Skin Redness

  1. Drink less alcohol, more water: This is obvious, but alcohol dries out your skin and really causes all sorts of not great things to happen to it. It also dehydrates you, and you tend to not drink as much water. I try to drink 8 oz of water for every 4 oz of alcohol. But really just double up on water!
  2. Certain foods: Sugary foods, excessive dairy, and spicy foods can all cause redness. I notice this especially around the holidays because it’s the only time of year my self control for sweets goes out the window! I will immediately notice my face getting red and splotchy following Thanksgiving and Christmas. Try to curb the sweets with again… more water!
  3. Use redness reducing products: DUH! As I have mentioned several times before, we LOVE Eucerin. We use it on ourselves and our baby. I have eczema (and highly recommend using Eucerin Eczema Relief Flare-Up Treatment if you do, too!) and generally super sensitive skin, and Liam also is very fair, so we need to use products that are gentle and effective. Every single day I use Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion with SPF 15. So of course you are getting a good SPF, which is necessary all year and not just during the summer, but you are also using a product that is gentle on the skin and helps heal and prevent redness. It’s been my holy grail as the cooler weather has popped up!

Take a look at this awesome graphic for more info on this you can do to avoid excessive redness! My favorite is using a cool compress after workouts! I have been doing that too lately and notice a HUGE DIFFERENCE! Thanks for the tip, Eucerin!

Eucerin spokesperson and board certified dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi was super kind as to answer a few questions I thought my readers would love to know about. As a woman in my 30’s skincare is super important to me, so learning about best practices straight from a trusted source was so helpful! Enjoy!


What is the biggest mistake women in their 20s and 30s are making with their skin and skincare routine?  A common mistake is to treat the skin in the 20’s and 30’s too harshly. Women may still be in the mindset of having acne as a teen and if they don’t update their skin care routine to reflect the changes in their skin with age… it can be too drying.


What is an important daily step in skincare most people forget?  A great moisturizer. As noted above, in our teens and early 20’s, the skin may not need a moisturizer because of oiliness with hormones. But as we get a little older, a good moisturizer is a must for healthy-looking skin.


Do you feel like it’s ever too early or too late to get into good practices with skincare?  It’s never too late to get into a good skin care routine! As long as there isn’t too much sun damage or smoking, the skin is quite forgiving.


What are a few things that help keep your skin in great condition?  I suffered from very dry skin for a while because, as a teen and young adult who had a lot of acne, I was petrified to use a moisturizer on my face. But now, I use Eucerin’s Redness Relief Night Creme on my face to help soothe any inflammation (because I have rosacea) and moisturize the skin without clogging the pores.

What additional advice would you share with my readers?  In my practice, I routinely suggest Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion for the body.  The formulation is light and fast-absorbing so even younger patients who don’t like the “feel” of a moisturizer will gladly use it. It works to hydrate the skin with ceramides. It works really well to reduce dry skin on the legs that almost every woman had to deal with in the wintertime.

Thank you to Eucerin for partnering on this post. 

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  • 26 thoughts on “3 Ways To Reduce Skin Redness

    1. ShootingStarsMag

      Great interview! Thanks so much for sharing all these tips. I don’t drink alcohol, but I DO need to keep upping my water intake. It can be difficult, especially when it’s so cold out. I like the idea of a cold compress after a work out though. I need to try that!


    2. Erica Schwarz

      Ahhh but the less alcohol around the holidays tho! That’s a hard one, but you’re absolutely right. I’ve also been trying to eat more anti-inflammatory foods – greens, berries, avocado, salmon – during the week to compensate for the festivities.

    3. Crystal

      My youngest has allergies and often ends up covered in spots. The worst was when she was a baby and looked like she had hives for months. Knowing which products were safe for her sensitive skin (both for bathtime and cleaning) totally changed things around.

    4. Hey Sharonoox

      I’ve too have very dry skin in the winter. I keep my skin hydrated with heavier moisturizing cream. I’ve tried Eurecin brand before but I’m intrigued to check this one out.

    5. Rosey

      Winter is definitely the time when skin gets blotchy. I am having a ‘duh’ moment though. I never have used moisturizer. Seems so simple… and I’m not young either (don’t tell anyone). 😉

    6. Juanma

      Dermalmd is one of the best ways to reduce skin redness when I purchased this first as it caught my curiosity. I wondered if it would minimize the redness from my rosacea. It not only minimized, it helps conceal. What a great product. The first one to make any noticeable difference!

    7. Christina J

      My daughter’s eczema and dry skin flares up terribly in the winter, to the point where she can’t get to sleep because she is so itchy. She also has very sensitive skin. We have tried EVERYTHING with little to no success until Eczema clear serum of Foderma! Her rashes are completely gone and the ingredients don’t have me feeling bad about applying regularly.

    8. Brittany

      I have rosacea on my cheeks. Red crusty spots about the size of a quarter. I have only been using Dermalmd rosacea serum, twice a day, for three days but I am already seeing results. The crusty spots are definitely going away. The redness has lessened to more of a pinkish tone.


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