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31 Things To Do More Of

Fitness and Health · Inspire · Life · August 30, 2017

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I feel like we can all get in bad habits. It’s just human nature. But I want to share with you 31 things to do more of you should for sure start today!

things to do more of

31 Things To Do More Of

  1. Respond to emails: the quicker the better. Nothing is worse than that red sign that you have a zillion unread emails.
  2. Call your parents/grandparents: Regularly. Not just when you need something. Just let them know you love them.
  3. Back Up Your Computer: Often! Because losing all your photos IS THE WORST.
  4. Take photos: Of everything. The more candid no reason photos the better. You will be glad you have them.
  5. Eat more vegetables: If you are like me and just snacking on veggies isn’t you’re fav then try a green smoothie!
  6. Get outside: All DVR’s and Netflix just make staying inside so easy! Get outside at least once a day!
  7. Take supplements: The good kinds! Vitamins, Omega 3, Collagen etc. I’ve talked about my favs here.
  8. Smile: It’s amazing what smiling can do for you and those around you.
  9. Write Snail Mail: I mean how happy are you when you get mail that isn’t a bill or catalog?
  10. Save More: Because trends are fleeting but savings are good to have!
  11. Invest: In yourself and in your future.
  12. Say thank you: When someone holds a door open, lets you go first in line, etc. Just thank people.
  13. Say “bless you”: Or something after someone sneezes. It amazes me how strangers don’t do this!
  14. Take care of your skin: Moisturize, use SPF(daily), use eye cream, neck cream, serum, etc. Seriously do yourself THIS favor!
  15. Watch the snacking: Boredom leads to snacking, so if you find yourself snacking a lot try drinking more water and see if it helps!
  16. Exercise: Try a new exercise class, or get a friend to work out with you if you need some extra motivation!
  17. Walk: Walks are great to add to exercise or do on days when you are too sore!
  18. Read: An article, a book, whatever. Expand your mind.
  19. Take a class: Maybe you want to learn photography, calligraphy, how to paint. Something fun and creative!
  20. Put things in their place: An organized life is a happy life.
  21. Clean Out Your Closets: I try to clean out my closet once a season. I usually know if I will wear something. Sure I hold on to classics even if I don’t wear them often but if something hasn’t been worn in 12 months it goes!
  22. Say “I Love You” because once is never enough
  23. Show appreciation for people you don’t usually show it to
  24. Give things away. Because we are all very blessed.
  25. Relax. If you are like me you probably need it.
  26. Have the cupcake. If you are taking great care of yourself then splurge every now and then.
  27. On that note, buy the shoes.
  28. Call an old friend. Or text because who likes to talk on the phone?
  29. Make the plans. Don’t always wait for someone else to make the plans. Significant others included. It’s ok to take the lead sometimes.
  30. Ask for advice. We all love feeling needed.
  31. Thank God. Just do it.

These 31 things to do more of are on the top of my list right now. What on this list do you need to do more of?

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  • 19 thoughts on “31 Things To Do More Of

    1. Mariah

      Love this!
      Yes! Y’all please backup your computer. I was a photographer for 10 years and I lost all of my photos including pictures from high school….thousands of pictures gone forever.

    2. Nellwyn

      I’m terrible at staying on top of my emails! I get so overwhelmed by all of them and no matter how many I respond to, there’s always more! I really need to back up my computer more as well… I do it a few times a year but that’s probably not enough

    3. Heather

      I’m totally in need of backing up the photos on my phone. There are zillions I would hate to lose, but they take up so much space.

    4. Carrie

      These are all great things to do! My family definitely needs to eat more vegetables! That is definitely something I have been pushing lately.

    5. Sabrina

      Love this list. The photons for sure!! I like the cleaning the closet idea. I always have too many clothes. Then I always buy a few new ones every season. Snail mail is such a thing if the past. It I love getting notes in the mail 😊

    6. Carrie

      Such a great list! I definitely need to eat more vegtables and I definitely need to respond to emails quicker! Emails are killing me! Everytime I think my inbox is cleaned and organized it is out of control again!


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