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4 Helpful Things I Did During Pregnancy

Life · Pregnancy · Sponsored Post · October 20, 2017

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When I got pregnant I immediately wanted to research everything to find out the most helpful, healthy things I could be doing. I knew what I should and should not eat etc., but I just wanted to be as on top of things as I could. Today I am sharing with you guys 4 helpful things I did during pregnancy that I feel made a HUGE difference!

4 Helpful Things I Did During Pregnancy

Drank A Lot Of Water: This may seem obvious but sometimes drinking enough water can be really hard. I would set alarms on my phone to remind me throughout the day and I tried to take a tumbler with me everywhere I went. I have a huge 32 oz. tumbler and I would make it a goal to drink 3 a day. I always felt hydrated and it set up a great postpartum habit.

Exercised: This was huge. I worked out daily till week 37. That was the week my Braxton Hicks contractions were at their worst and I was waddling everywhere. But working out really helped me postpartum because I felt like I bounced back a lot quicker. I also looked forward to working out again post baby. It also helped me mentally. Working out can really help with postpartum depression too.

Upped My Calcium: This was one of the most important changes I made during my pregnancy. Here’s the thing, I am not a huge dairy person. I don’t love cheese like most people do and I can’t drink milk by itself. I gag. So I started taking Viactiv to bump up my calcium! That way I did not have to worry if I was getting enough calcium for Liam and me. I knew I was! Most prenatal vitamins provide only 20-30% of the recommended daily amount of calcium for women who are pregnant, and your baby needs calcium to build healthy bones, muscles, nerves and teeth. That’s why it’s especially important to add a calcium supplement to your prenatal vitamins during pregnancy. Just 2 delicious Viactiv® Calcium Soft Chews provide 100% of your daily calcium requirement plus a unique blend of vitamins D & K to aid in calcium absorption! I would take them in the morning and didn’t have to think about it all day! And because calcium is so important even after pregnancy I have continued to take Viactiv to this day and I feel great! Compared to leading gummy calcium supplement, Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews have half the sugar and half the calories. I will tell you that I truly love them and take them daily. I am not a dairy person as I said before aside from my daily latte, so this is beyond helpful for me!

Listened To My Body: This is so important. I am pretty hard on myself and tend to push myself, but there came a point in pregnancy where I had to listen to my body. If I was traveling and got tired, I needed to rest. If I was working out and felt tired, I stopped. If I needed to sleep, I slept. Just listen to your body because you are housing the most important little life!

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