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Favorite Health and Wellness Podcasts

Fitness and Health · Life · February 7, 2018

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You could say I listen to a lot of Podcasts. I think I subscribe to over 50 and I am almost always listening to one. I have shared my favorite podcastspodcasts for momspersonal growth podcastsguilty pleasure podcastsblogging podcaststrue crime podcasts, and healthy living podcasts.  So check those out if you are curious! Today I am sharing my favorite health and wellness podcasts. I have shared the healthy living ones before but since then I have started listening to so many others that I needed to share round two!

Favorite Health and Wellness Podcasts

TED Talks Health: Do you love TED Talks as much as I do? Well these are TED Talks in podcast form but all about health and wellness. Highly recommend! They talk a lot about health breakthroughs and medicine as well.

Eat This, Not That: This is super new but I find it so interesting. It really delves into food and what we consume daily.

Self Service: Another pretty new podcast all about self-care and why it’s important.

The Daily Boost: Cited as the best motivational podcast I have to agree. Seriously one episode always makes me feel like I can conquer the world.

Almost 30: This podcast is great if like me, you are in your 30’s or even mid to late 20’s. Talks about a lot of health and wellness struggles, topics, and things we should be focusing on. I adore the girls that host it.

The Struggle Bus: Did I download this based on the name? Yes. I fell in love with this podcast quickly and the topics they discuss which are things we all struggle with. Love this one!

Let’s Talk About It: Do you love Taylor from The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise? I sure do and her podcast is fantastic! She talks about topics we all need to hear and her guests are amazing!

I find all of these so helpful and motivational to overall health and wellness and I hope you guys do too!

What are some of your favorite health and wellness podcasts?

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  • 35 thoughts on “Favorite Health and Wellness Podcasts

    1. Anna

      Thank you for recommendations! I myself listen to The Daily Boost and TED talks health, but only sometimes. I might try the Self Service, though as it sounds right up my alley! 🙂

    2. Julia

      I have been following @init4thelongrun on insta for a long time. Georgie has a podcast now called Chasing Joy – wellness, self care, intuitive eating, finding joy. I’m not much of a podcast person but I think her vibe would be right up your alley!

    3. Marcie W.

      Excellent suggestions! It seems as if I only have time to listen to podcasts while at the gym, so these recommendations are a perfect way to stay motivated.

    4. Jamie Koenig

      I love Ted Talks i’ll be looking into the podcast. I also listen to podcast..mostly on my way to work. I’ve got one I enjoy that focuses on parenting and knowing your limits and setting boundaries.

    5. Liz

      Hahaha “The Struggle Bus” – what a great podcast name! “Eat This, Not That” and “Almost 30” both sound really interesting too 🙂

    6. Jeanine

      I haven’t ever listened to a podcast before. I think it would be neat to though. Health and wellness would be great for me right now, I’ll have to check some out!

    7. Kaitie

      Thank you for these awesome recos! I love Meathead Hippie from Emily Schromm. She’s a nutritionist and personal trainer and always has cool guests on!

    8. Marius

      Thanks for the list of podcasts. I have so many that my 45 minute commute isn’t getting through all of them. I’ve found that most podcasts are understandable at 1.5X speed so I’ve been trying that lately. Just don’t try that on a podcast with a fast speaker!

    9. CourtneyLynne

      Oooo so many awesome podcasts!!! I haven’t heard of any of these, so I will have to go take a peak of them and see if they are my cup of tea!

    10. Lily

      I love listening to podcasts too but I usually listen to guilty pleasure and relationship stories podcasts. Thank you for this list! I may have just downloaded a few episodes and/or subscribed to almost all of this lol.


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