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5 Ways To Prepare For A New Baby

Baby · Mom Stuff · Sponsored Post · November 5, 2017

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When I got pregnant I honestly thought that all we really needed to do to prepare were things like “get a carseat” “get a crib” “have diapers.” OK I knew there was a little more than that. But as time went on I began to panic about things I never thought I would panic about! Today I am sharing 5 ways to prepare for a new baby so you can avoid that pre-baby panic!

5 Ways To Prepare For A New Baby

Find A Feeding Solution: I really wanted to nurse and it didn’t work out, so we used formula from the beginning. I don’t feel I need to elaborate. Nursing or not it’s great to have a formula on hand you are familiar with and feel like is a great choice for your baby. Enfamil™ Family Beginnings is a GREAT option! The top priority of a baby should be making sure the baby is fed and healthy. I’m a big believer that fed is best. Enfamil™ Family Beginnings has great resources for moms and dads, as well as amazing advice and information about all sorts of things beyond just formula. The community of other mothers going through the same journey, available experts to help answer questions supported by scientific research, the great content available for free is just incredible. It has really helped us! The welcome kit is amazing and there are all sorts of rewards and coupons you can get!  Right now you can win free formula for a year*! What a great thing that would be! Enter here! The promotion doesn’t last forever so make sure you sign up now!

Get The Carseat Installed: We had our carseat installed at the hospital a few weeks before we had Liam. This was great because they showed us exactly how to do it. Andrew installed it ahead of time and they checked to make sure everything was perfect. We felt so at ease knowing that our sweet baby would be safe in the car. Plus it gave us an idea of what to do to reinstall it if we ever needed to take it out.

Stock Your Freezer/Pantry: Want to know what the worst thing is? Coming home from the hospital after a week and having ZERO food in the house. I was starving, sick of hospital food, and really wanting something good. I wish we had made some freezer meals ahead of time we could have just popped in the oven! We did have stuff in the pantry, but do yourself a favor and make the freezer meals. Also let people bring you food when they offer!

Have A Plan For Help: You can say all day long you don’t need help or want help. But you will be sleep deprived, scared, and mentally and physically exhausted. Have a plan for help. My mom met us at our house when we brought Liam home. Andrew unpacked the car and headed to the grocery store while my mom unpacked us, did dishes, and helped me with Liam. She was a HUGE help and I am so grateful. She also did laundry for us. She cooked for us the first few weeks, brought me coffee, and came over so I could take a shower. If it’s a friend, neighbor, or family member, let someone help you!

Don’t Worry About the Extras: I was SOOOO concerned about having every single contraption set up, assembled, etc. Here’s the thing. The first few weeks babies need: food, diapers, clothing, a bath tub, something to do tummy time on, and something to sleep in! I will say the Rock N Play and DockATot were great because that’s what he napped in, but aside from those things you don’t need every single baby contraption set up. Not at first. Do it as you need it!

As mentioned above Enfamil™ Family Beginnings is a great resource for moms and dads and is so much more than just formula!  The welcome kit is amazing and there are all sorts of rewards and coupons you can get!  Right now you can win free formula for a year*! Which would be such a great treat for someone! Enter here! The promotion doesn’t last forever so make sure you sign up now!

Do you agree with these 5 ways to prepare for a new baby? Anything you would add?

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    1. gingermommy

      Being prepared is good however I find there is always something else that needs to be done when a new baby arrives. When I had my first, I was over prepared and still needed to rush out last minute lol


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