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3 Ways To Care For And Protect Your Skin In The Winter

Beauty · Life · Sponsored Post · November 3, 2017

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I bet like me growing up you didn’t think a lot about sun protection and skincare in the winter. I mean it’s cold, so obviously you can’t get sunburned or have any sun damage right? Well wrong. Winter is JUST as important as summer, so today I am sharing 3 ways to care for and protect your skin from the sun this winter.

3 Ways To Care For And Protect For Your Skin In The Winter

Sun Protection: Every morning when I get ready for the day after I wash my face and moisturize and go through my entire skincare routine I apply SPF. I have very sensitive skin and spend a lot of time outside with Liam going on walks, to the park, etc. Of course I make sure he is protected, but I have to make sure I am protected too. This also means making sure you get your ears, hairline, back of your neck, etc. Even if you are layered up head to toe make sure you are protecting your skin. My secret weapon for keeping my hands hydrated and protected from the sun is Eucerin Daily Hydration Hand Creme with SPF 30! Its portable size makes it super easy to throw in my bag and bring with Liam and me wherever we go.

Hats/Sunglasses: For some reason I always felt funny in sunglasses in the winter when I was younger. It felt unnatural. But you guys your eyes are so sensitive. You have to protect them! You also need to protect your head! So hats and sunglasses on yourself and on littles to protect the most sensitive parts of our body to the sun. Again DON’T FORGET THE EARS!

Stay Away: I mean if you don’t have to be in the sun just don’t be. Umbrellas, covered porches and patios, even being in the shade at the pool (some people have pool weather in the winter) just don’t be in the sun. Tans are kind of overrated in my opinion. I have embraced the paleness that is my skin so try my best to limit my sun exposure.

This infographic from Eucerin is EXTREMELY helpful to make sure you are protecting your skin from sun damage all year. So make sure to bookmark it!

What would you add to this?

Thank you to Eucerin for partnering on this post. 

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  • 28 thoughts on “3 Ways To Care For And Protect Your Skin In The Winter

    1. Nichole

      Yes so important to protect your skin in the winter months too! I never used to care about skin care and protecting my skin until I started regularly visiting a dermatologist. I’m 21 and have a lot of sun damage and other skin issues with my face. In fact I also use eucerin sunscreen and I love it because it doesn’t leave my skin tacky or white.

      Such a great post.

      Nichole //

    2. Crystal Stewart

      I’m a redhead and fair skinned with sensitive skin so protection from sun has been always important to me. I found out one day I was at a track meet and got wind burned really bad. As a kid I didn’t know that could happen. Like your tips.

    3. Trish

      These are great tips! I will admit to being less diligent about sunscreen in winter, but I need to add this into my morning routine. I appreciate the reminder!

    4. Krystin

      These are some great tips and totally agree with you about taking sun protection seriously. I’ve just found out from a skincare specialist that I need to double my sunscreen dose daily!

    5. Brandy

      Winter is so rough on my skin. I just seem to get the never-ending dry skin this time of year. I am glad you shared some tips , they will prove to be super helpful to many of us!

    6. Hey Sharonoox

      I don’t go out as much as I would love to in winter but I did all the tips your mentioned whenever I’ve the chance. Agree, the importance of keeping skin protected in the winter.

    7. Bethany

      These are really great tips! I’ve never thought about sunscreen during winter, but that makes sense. I definitely need to step up my skincare game this winter, that’s for sure!

    8. Crystal

      I’m guilty of not stressing about suncare during the winter. I remember how burnt my face got the first time I went skiing though. You’d think I would have learned!

    9. Nicole Flower

      I agree especially living in a mostly sunny environment. At least this is the case for me. I would also add moisturizing. I notice my skin gets so dry in the winter. I will have to check out Eucerin !

      xo, Nicole


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