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5 Ways To Turn A Bad Day Around

Inspire · Life · August 18, 2017

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We all have bad days. It’s just part of life. No one is happy 100% of the time and sometimes just like my little baby boy we wake up on the wrong side of the crib bed! So here are 5 ways to turn a bad day around so you can laugh more than you grimace.

ways to turn a bad day around

5 Ways To Turn A Bad Day Around

Cry It Out: Listen sometimes you just need to cry. I am a cryer. I think crying is so helpful and therapeutic. It helps so much to cry it out! If you are sad, angry, whatever, just cry it out because I guarantee you, you will feel so much better after!

Vent: Any time I am upset or sad or just in a crap mood I vent. Usually to Andrew or my mom. My mom is my best friend and she always has my back and usually will tell it to me like it is. I think we all need someone like that, be it a spouse, parent, or friend. Someone that tells you when you are wrong or just lets you complain.

Watch Something Fun: We all have those go to movies and TV shows we can watch over and over and make us laugh and smile. Or are just good watches. For me I love to rewatch The Hills, One Tree Hill, Parenthood, Friends etc. I also love movies like 27 Dresses, Something Borrowed, and 13 Going on 30! So fun!

Change Your Surroundings: In a bad mood at home? Get in the car and go some place. Go to the gym, go for a walk, go visit family or a friend, go walk around the mall. Whatever it is, just change your surroundings.

Help Someone: The best best best way to turn a bad day around is to help someone. Pay for someone’s coffee, volunteer, help someone to their car with groceries. Helping someone will cheer you up! I guarantee it!

What are some ways to turn a bad day around that you use?

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  • 35 thoughts on “5 Ways To Turn A Bad Day Around

    1. robin rue

      I am all for a change of scenery. It doesn’t always help me, but it usually does. A fresh surrounding goes a long way.

    2. Jenny

      Cry it out as an adult is so important to do, usually feels weird but so much better afterward. These are great tips for fixing a bad day!

    3. Katie

      Those are definitely some great ways to turn things around. I always like to try and find the good in the situation or scenario if I’m being triggered by something, remember what in my life I’m grateful for, spend some time doing yoga, meditation or going for a walk outside, journal, and yes, definitely spend some time feeling my feelings and crying!

    4. Jen

      I think I need to cry it out more often than I do! When I’m having a crappy day, I usually try to hold out until my hubby comes home from work then make him take the kids and just get in the car and go do something for myself – whether I drive to the beach and just watch the waves crash for an hour or go shopping at Hobby Lobby and indulge my creative side.

    5. Shannon Mahaney

      I always love a good cry when I’m having a bad day. Something about releasing my anger/frustration through tears is very therapeutic to me. I also find that if I take a yoga class, my day is instantly better!

    6. Meg

      All of these ideas are good, especially the last two. I get grumpy if I stay home for too long…like the walls are closing in on me. I always do better if I get out and DO something.

    7. Lisa

      This is such great advice! Who hasn’t had a bad day that they just wanted to reset at one time or another? You don’t have to let a few bad moments ruin the whole day.

    8. Jacey

      I love these ideas! I usually wrap myself in a blanket and rewatch old shows while eating chips or something equally unhealthy πŸ™‚

    9. Jessi Smith

      I like this. I teach 4th grade and I am constantly having to help kiddos change their days around. Sometimes they need to vent or just have someone listen. Sometimes we go for a little walk. Sometimes they just need a hug and piece of candy. This is all advice no matter how old you are!

    10. Brandy

      Crying it out usually works for me but then I am super tired with poofy eyes .. haha! I also like to vent but sadly I have found venting only stresses out the rest of the home, usually hop in the shower and just cry it out works for me πŸ™‚

    11. GiGi Eats

      Sometimes if I am having a bad day, I just kind of need to STOP and take a break from the world. Pampering myself in some way helps – or even just taking a nap! haha


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