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7 Social Distancing Date Ideas

Life · Married Life · August 13, 2020

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I don’t think anyone could have foreseen that come August we would still be in a situation where going places is scary. Andrew and I are not super comfortable going to many places so we have certainly had to get creative when we want to have a date. I think everyone has a different comfort level about this and I want to preface by saying YOU DO YOU! No judgment whatever way you choose to do things right now. I want to share some social distancing date ideas for people like us who may be a little nervous about going to many places.

7 Social Distancing Date Ideas

  • Romantic walk around the lake: This is something we also love doing as a family but so much better when you and your partner can go walk around a lake. Even if you don’t have a lake nearby walking on a trail, at a park, or even in your neighborhood is so great and a wonderful time to just talk.
  • Picnic:  Pack up a lunch (or pick up one from your favorite restaurant) and find a grassy area at a park or by the water and just have a fun little picnic! You can bring wine too – I won’t tell 🙂
  • Bike ride: Before Andrew and I had kids we had a very short-lived bike ride phase. We still have our bikes and I can’t wait for us to ride them again. But a bike ride would be a super fun date plus you are being active!
  • Cooking at home: We cook most of our meals at home but cooking together can be such a romantic time. You can put on good music, enjoy a drink while you cook and then enjoy your meal together!
  • Patio date night: Enjoy that meal above on your patio/deck/balcony etc. String up some lights, put on some music, pretend you are dining on a restaurant patio or on a vacation! You could even get super dressed up!
  • Drive in movie: We have a drive in theater about an hour away and I really want to go some time. I think this is a great option to see a movie because obviously, you are staying in your own car!
  • Good old fashioned driving around: Do you remember when you were in high school and driving around was fun? Go do that! Listen to some of your favorite throw back songs, and goof around! Tell me you don’t have the best time!

Have you had any date nights like this during social distancing? Tell me! 

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  • 13 thoughts on “7 Social Distancing Date Ideas

    1. Stephanie

      My husband and I have gone on walks a few times when the kids stay at my in-laws house. It’s definitely nice to get outside. But right now, it’s too hot for almost anything outside like that. We make dinner together most nights and eat as a family. Once the kids go to bed, we sometimes like to have snacks and watch a movie together on the couch. That’s about the extent of our date nights right now!

    2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      My husband has mobility issues, so I have no option but to stay home and attend to his needs. You can never imagine how much I long for the life we had before. Our date nights now are limited to watching movies at home.

    3. Beth Berger

      My husband and I have definitely had some date nights like these while in lockdown. We’ve done a bunch of home cooked meal dates and backyard barbecue (for two) dates. We’ve also watched a ton of movies!


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