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7 Things To Do Before Bed Every Night

Inspire · Life · Married Life · July 28, 2017

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One of my favorite parts of every day is getting in bed at night. After being a full time mom, wife, and blogger all day I am TIRED! Andrew jokes about the sigh I make when I get in bed all the time. The sigh of “oh thank god this bed feels amazing.” But I do have a bit of a routine I do before bed so that I am my best self the next day. Today I wanted to share the 7 things to do before bed every night to have the best day!

things to do before bed every night

7 Things To Do Before Bed Every Night

Make A List: I have talked in an abundance about my love of to do lists! I seriously don’t know how people function without them! One of the last things I do at night on my phone is make my to do list for the next day. I put everything from working out, certain posts I need to write, starting our slow cooker, mopping the kitchen, etc. Pretty much any and all things I need to get done go on it. It makes me so much less stressed and I wake up knowing exactly what needs to be done.

Stretch: If you are like me and work out every day and are on your feet a lot. Stretching before bed helps me relax a ton and loosen my muscles up. Also helps me sleep so much better. These are my favorites.

Take Care Of Your Skin: No matter how tired I am, and trust me with a baby I am hella tired at night, I always always always do my skincare routine. I wash my face, put on toner, serum, moisturizer, neck cream, eye cream and lip balm. I will have a fully updated routine on the blog soon!

Talk To Your Spouse: If you are married, dating, etc you may notice that when days get busy you don’t have a single conversation that doesn’t involve “what are we having for dinner?” “how many times did the baby poop today?” (yes that’s a thing) etc. So before bed Andrew and I do our Q&A of the day book, as well as asking each other the high and low point of that day. Then we usually get in conversations about those things. These are great starting points!

Read: You know I love to read. I find that reading before bed destresses me and relaxes me. I also tend to have less bad dreams! Bad dreams can be associated with stress and anxiety so reading before bed is great for that. Tons of book suggestions here.

Turn Off Screens: Probably my worst habit is looking at my phone before bed. I have do not disturb on my phone from 10-6, but I still look at it! I try really hard to stop looking at screens once I get in bed. More so my phone. I read on my iPad but truthfully that’s all I do on it at night. I tend to not get on Facebook or Instagram from it. We are also horrible about watching tons of TV before bed. Trying to get better though!

Be Grateful: Take a minute before you fall asleep and just say 5 things you are grateful for today. I say blessings with Liam every single night before he goes to bed and I have since he was born. He loves them and smiles the entire time. I think it helps him sleep. So what if we all did that? I try to say 5 things I am blessed for and grateful for. It’s a game changer.

What are some things to do before bed every night that you find helpful?

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  • 25 thoughts on “7 Things To Do Before Bed Every Night

    1. Catherine Sargent

      These are all great ideas. We don’t have a TV in our room so that helps limiting the screen time. I like to read a little before bed.

    2. Chelsea

      I love that you included “talk to your spouse!” I’m embarrassed to say that sometimes we just shut the lights off after staring at our computer screens, not paying attention to one another

    3. Adriana Renee

      Turning off the screens is so important. I started doing this lately to allow myself to just focus on other things instead of scrolling which will distract me from sleeping.

    4. Kristen Jones

      Love these tips. I will usually write out anything and everything on my mind to just calm my brain. I should really try stretching before bed, and I already know that I REALLY need to limit screen time before bed. I always watch Netflix to fall asleep. Oops. haha!

    5. Summer Telban

      You’ve reminded me that I need to stretch before bed, and when I wake up. It’s so good for you. Plus, I’m wanting to get my flexibility back. This is an intentional way to start that!

    6. Brandy

      I love that you added be grateful. It’s nice to lay down to bed at night with positive thoughts, it certainly helps you to sleep well with good dreams and wake up happier. Great list of 7 things to do before bed every night, thanks for sharing this!

    7. North

      I’m definitely not a morning person, so it’s always so satisfying to climb into bed at night. I know I shouldn’t, but I always end up looking at my phone before finally turning the lights off!

      I do need my night time yoga stretches, though. I do these ones I found on Pinterest ( and I actually do them *in* bed!

      I love the idea of listing things we’re grateful for, I bet it changes your mindset if you’ve had a less than great day and helps you sleep better.

      This post was a lovely read, thanks! x

    8. Leslie Soto

      This is such a great list of things to do before bed. I definitely am guilty of not putting my phone down immediately and not taking time to take care of my skin but those are all things I can work on. I love the idea of asking each other questions before you fall asleep at night, too! What a sweet way to stay connected to your spouse!

    9. Amanda at The Light Owl

      I feel like I’m reading about my life right now haha! We have that Q+A a day book and it is so good. It’s so nice to connect over those questions. Secondly, I am a list lover too! I don’t make lists before bed but I do make them before I leave work. Maybe I’ll start making lists before bed now too!

    10. Trish

      These are great tips! I am a big believer in reading before bedtime. I find it very relaxing and a perfect way to unwind at bedtime. I am really, really bad about screens at bedtime. I keep my phone by the bed (I know, bad habit!). That is something I need to work on.

    11. Katelyn McCullough

      Definitely, struggle with the shutting off of technology before bed. Being an entrepreneur, who basically works all hours of the day, makes this difficult, but thank you for the reminder to take time for me! xo

    12. Rosey

      I turn on a daily video I like at bedtime, but fall alseep most times listening. I wonder if it’s bad for me to have it running so close to me (under my pillow). Def. take care of skin and teeth before bed, always.

    13. lisa

      Stretch – I’ve kinda forgotten what that word means. I need to make a point to do this at night and I would feel so much better in the morning!


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