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April 2018 Goals

Inspire · Life · April 2, 2018

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Happy April AKA my birthday month (oh and Andrew’s too!) I love April because usually the weather is pretty great! I hope everyone had a great weekend, so let’s get on with my April 2018 goals and check in on how March went!

April 2018 Goals

In March I wanted to…

  • Read 5 books: I read 6!
  • Go on two dates with Andrew: eh we majorly failed this month on the dates. We did spend a lot of good time together at home though.
  • Figure something special out for Andrew’s birthday: yep!
  • Celebrate my grandfather turning 94! We did this past Friday! Happy birthday Poppy!!!
  • Work on Summer post ideas more: Yes I am pretty planned through July in blog posts. Lots of fun stuff coming up and LOTS of Travel posts!
  • Reach 22K Pinterest followers: not quite but working on it!
  • Purge/put in storage Liam’s baby toys: YES! I finally put a ton of Liam’s baby toys and stuff he just doesn’t play with away.
  • Wean Liam off of bottles completely: Yes we are DONE with bottles. It’s somewhat bittersweet because I really loved our bottle time and cuddles but I know he’s growing up.
  • Go to Yoga 4 times, Barre 4 times: Yes and yes!
  • Go on more walks when the weather permits: YES! We have loved going on walks with our friends around the neighborhood and going for family walks when Andrew is home. Liam loves to point at all the animals, trees and cars. We hear “ohhh” and “ca(car)” a lot!

In April I want to….

  • Read 5 books
  • Try a different Yoga class that’s a bit more challenging
  • Try a new barre studio
  • Write at least one travel post about our upcoming trip to NYC
  • Get my closet a lot more organized than it currently is
  • Take Liam to story time at the library
  • Work on Twitter growth (would love to hit 20K this year)
  • Work on plans for Andrew and my first getaway sans baby in June
  • Have 3 dates with Andrew (it’s our birthday month, I have high hopes)
  • Get all May blog posts scheduled

What is one thing you want to do in April?

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  • 40 thoughts on “April 2018 Goals

    1. Wendy

      I want to try a new yoga studio too! When my kids were little they loved the library’s story time. We always went to the playground afterwards and made a couple hours of it. Then they slept on the way home. What books are on your list?

    2. Dorothy Berry-Lound

      You set great achievable goals but enough to stretch you a bit which I think is great. So often we set things that are too far out of our reach and then get discouraged when we don’t achieve them. You have your blogs planned to July – wow! I am in awe of that! I am only a few weeks ahead and thought I was doing well LOL

    3. Peter

      Very ambitious goals! It’s great to see that you check off all of your goals and accomplish them. I am horrible at following through with goals. Well done

    4. Wendy

      I want to take a spinning class at my gym at least once a week. I’ve gone to two so far, and its the best workout I’ve had in a long time. I also want to reorganize my closet, and donate any clothes I don’t wear anymore.

    5. Lindsay

      Lovely post! As a big reader myself, I support your goal for 5 books! Any good ones on the horizon? I’m going away soon as well and always looking for new reads for traveling!

    6. Ellen @ My Uncommon Everyday

      Happy birthday month to you both! I want to get back “into” reading. I started my year so strong and totally fell off the wagon in March (my dad and I were bingeing Game of Thrones…). Honestly, four books would make me super happy! I also want to pick up a part-time job, whether it’s at a cycling studio or a yoga studio. It’ll give my current funemployment life a little more structure and interest!

    7. Pam

      I have a long to do list and I want to make sure that I finish everything on it this month. May is a busy travel month for me so I really need to make sure I get things done. We are in the process of building a home in another state so I think I will have a busy summer too!

    8. Brandy

      You always amaze me with your goals list, so organized and productive to do this. I am hoping to start it, but yet I keep not starting a monthly goals list 😉 Maybe this will be the month that inspires me to do one next month!

    9. Aria | Blogs by Aria

      April is my daughter’s birthday she’ll be turning 13! My goal for the month is to relax…I have to have my tonsils taken out next week and will be out from work for two weeks and I’m going to relish in the fact that I have to chill out. It’s an odd goal but I’ll take it as a blessing in disguise 🙂

    10. ShootingStarsMag

      Happy Birthday month to you both! I’m ready for nicer – non rainy – weather so I can get outside more. I really need to get moving more, and I really like sitting outside and reading. 🙂


    11. Julie

      Happy birthday month! I bet it’s fun sharing April as you and your husband’s birthdays. Both of mine and my husband’s birthdays are in May. Our birthdays are one day apart and 5 years. It’s so much fun to celebrate together.

    12. laurie beth

      I need to do your Monthly goals. I would say if I had to write it out for the world to read and then share an update, I would be way more inclined to stay on task! Way to go! And yay… buh bye bottles

    13. Katie

      It’s my birthday month too! Woohoo!! I really want to dial my nutrition back in this month. I know I’ve let it veer off what makes me feel best, so that’s going to be a big focus this month.

    14. Tami

      You have accomplished so much! I am not managing my time well at home lately. If only I could read that many books and get my posts scheduled earlier than on the spot.

    15. Pam @ourliveswithbella

      Hi, new here! Love this idea of having monthly goals. It’s awesome you were able to reach all of your goals! 6 books in a month it’s impressive, I usually do 2-3 books a month. Thank you for sharing this, definitely feel inspired to work on a monthly list of goals 😉


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