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July 2018 Goals

Inspire · Life · July 2, 2018

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July! How? June flew by and here we are talking July 2018 goals already! But first as always I need to see how I held up in June!

July 2018 Goals

In June I wanted to…

  • Read 5 books- I read 4! I thought with Travel I would read more but I slept!
  • Go on one non-Florida trip date with Andrew- We saw Ocean’s 8 and it had been nearly a year since we saw a movie! So it was so fun. Really enjoyed the movie.
  • Work on our office-it’s a disaster- Yes I finally finally organized all the shelves!
  • Donate products/makeup I don’t plan to use- Yes and yes! I let our babysitters go through it first! They were in heaven.
  • Do something super fun with my boys for Father’s Day- We spent some time with my family and all hung out at home. It was LOVELY!
  • Work on Pinterest (really close to 25K)- I am getting pretty close to 25K! Please follow me haha!
  • Get July content mostly done- Fail! I have it planned but not written!
  • Go to a new class at the gym- Another fail! Ugh.

In July I want to…

  • Read 4 books
  • Get July and August content finished and scheduled. These are two really busy months for us!
  • Work on Twitter and Instagram growth
  • Write something very personal
  • Get Liam ready for school in August-read more school related books, and talk about it more. He starts Mother’s Day Out!
  • Go on at least one date with Andrew
  • Do something with my mom just us
  • Organize our linen closet… AGAIN! Why does this keep happening?

What are some things you want to get done in July?

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  • 22 thoughts on “July 2018 Goals

    1. Jennifer

      I need to work on content creation this month. I’m always just a few days or one week ahead. Never more than that and sometimes it feels like I’m cutting it awful close. If an emergency happened, I’d miss deadlines. I’d like to get a month in advance just to have an “emergency” buffer.

    2. Cayla

      Your goals are motivating and make me want to just on board! In July, I would love to plan a weekend get-away, read 2 new books, have a positive impact on 10 people, try 3 new recipes, deep clean our house, and take my daughter somewhere new! Thank you for the inspiration and motivation!

    3. Nina

      These monthly goal posts are a great idea! I bet they keep you motivated and give your readers some ideas for their goals at the same time.
      So to answer your question: some of my July goals would be to finish my current book and most importantly officially register my business!

    4. Krystin

      Great list, and I love reading what your previous goals were! I have been tackling cleaning out my closet and its been super intense, but feels so good to finally get rid of things!

    5. Tami

      Great goals! Will you be sharing about the four books you read? Or did I miss it?

      I want to finish at least two of the books I’ve started.

    6. Leslie

      I bet the babysitters did have a field day going through your makeup. I’m with you, how are we already seven months into 2018 already! You got a lot done last month, I’m sure you’ll do great this month too.

    7. ShootingStarsMag

      Great job on your June goals! I’m glad you liked Ocean’s 8; I thought it was a fun movie. 🙂 Good luck with all of your July goals. I really want to try and write/schedule as much as I can for July and August as well.


    8. Jordyn

      I love to see your goals to give me some ideas for mine! I always try and get a month ahead in posts but usually only get the planning done just like you! Good luck this month!

    9. Blue DeBell

      You seem to making great strides with your goals! I wish you all the luck for your july goals!

    10. brianne

      I love how you write a list each month and really reflect on those goals. I so need to start doing this and think I may start with July!

    11. Denise C

      I definitely want all of us to take the time to read more. The days just go by so fast….but then that’s only more reason to stop and relax and experience a good book.

    12. Dogvills

      My goodness, I can’t believe we are on the 7th month of the year! Time really flies when you are having fun.(?) I have to do more effective time management because I feel I am sliding when it comes to writing. Thanks for the inspiration. I am happy to know you’ve accomplished much and wishing you well on your goals for the rest of the year.

    13. pikcat

      You did most of them 😮 I think I still have a half of June’s goals left 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration, next month will be different!! Gear up!


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