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January Goals

Inspire · Life · January 2, 2017

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Happy 2017 friends! Did you do anything fun for new years? We of course stayed home because #homebodies. I actually got a really bad cold on NYE so I rested, Andrew cooked an AHHHMAZING dinner, and we watched New Years specials and went to sleep early. But bonus, I wasn’t hungover yesterday, so that’s a win. You guys this is my last full month to be pregnant! In less than 7 weeks our baby boy will be here and HOLY CRAP. Anyways, today I am sharing my January Goals and also reflecting on how my December Goals went. I did have a 2017 goals post last week but I like to also have monthly goals.

january goals

January Goals

In December I wanted to….

  • Read 4 books. I actually read 5. I had a lot of downtime because I’ve been told to rest more.
  • Get the rest of our pre baby list done. We have a lot of it done. I have my BIG baby shower this weekend (EEEK) and we have a shower at Andrew’s work this month. So after that we can assess what we don’t have and need to get before baby boy comes.
  • Start assembling a few baby related products. Yes we have assembled the stroller, car seat is installed (in case he arrives early), and some of the other stuff we already had.
  • Wash all of the baby clothes, towels, and blankets we have so far. Yep so far all done.
  • Write 10 more posts for February and March. Y’all I am on a roll. I have OVER 40 posts banked! I am so excited about this!
  • Enjoy the holidays without being stressed. Yeah fail. But it was good stress.
  • Cut myself some slack at the gym. I am in my 8th month of pregnancy and I have worked out at least 5 days a week the entire time but I need to rest more. Umm I still went all month aside from 2 weekends where we had stuff going on. But I have slowed way down.
  • Work on tax stuff. I have started to get some together but not nearly as much as I’d like.
  • Donate items around the house, food, and take Christmas gifts to the kiddos we chose from the tree. Yes we did this and we adopted two kiddos and got them some fun things for Christmas.

In January I want to…

  • Soak in the last month of no baby by having more dates with Andrew, and having some good solid alone time. I foresee some alone movie dates (my fav) in my future.
  • Read 5 books
  • Continue to eat healthier
  • Try to workout 3 times a week. I think that 5 is kind of silly at this point but I would love to do at least 3 days of workouts.
  • Get the things we need for baby boy and have all stuff assembled
  • Write all my shower thank you notes before the end of the month
  • Pick out birth announcements (will choose a photo later obviously) and update Minted address book to make that part easier
  • Write 10 more posts to bank for February, March, and April
  • Spend some time with my parents

Nothing too crazy I don’t think. I was really pleased with my December progress and I hope my January goals go well.

What are some of your January Goals?

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  • 35 thoughts on “January Goals

    1. Rachel G

      Woah, you’ve done really awesome with getting posts pre-written! I should do a little more of that! 🙂 So exciting that your little one will be here so soon! Happy New Year to you and yours!

    2. Shii

      Good luck with your January goals!! Although my goals are different to yours, i feel very inspired:)

      Shii x

    3. Chelsea

      I love the goal of spending more time with your parents! Get it girl. And jeez, I cannot believe how fast you are to read books. I need to get on your level.

    4. Cara

      Wow, 40 posts already written for this year! You are on fire girl! I’ve got 5 under my belt right now so I’m making small strides lol but definitely inspired by you! Happy new year!

    5. Kelly

      Good luck with the baby-prep! I was so scatterbrained when I was pregnant that I wish I had thought to write out goals to hold myself accountable, organized and sane. What a great idea!

    6. Kaila

      40 posts already?! That’s incredible! I should start working on some to have ready throughout spring semester so I’m not so stressed! Guess that’s the plan for today, now!

    7. Liz Mays

      I can’t believe you have more than 40 posts ready to go. I’m so impressed! I usually only have a couple ready. I’m so excited for you with the baby coming soon too!

    8. Lauren I Glitter & Grandeur

      Wow, girl! You have been productive! Congrats! I am the same way with monthly goal posts. I published my 2017 goals/resolutions and the next day published my January goals. It is nice to set smaller goals each month to hold you accountable for your yearly ones – and to mix it up. I can’t believe you wrote 40 posts last month! I am so jealous! I told myself I would write a ton while I was home for the holidays since its quiet here and I get inspired more – but I ended up only writing a few (and have published them already). Family time is more important since I live almost 2,000 miles away from home. 🙁 Anyway, I wish you the best in your last month of no baby! You can do all things! I’m so excited to hear all about your new baby boy when he comes!
      xoxo Lauren I Glitter & Grandeur

    9. Nellwyn

      Wow you’ve accomplished so much! Congrats on getting so far ahead on blog posts! I got three weeks ahead recently which is the most I’ve ever been able to do but I’m hoping I can keep that ball rolling

    10. Southern & Style

      Congratulations on killing your goals, girlfriend! Over 40 posts banked-that’s awesome and will make life so much easier once baby gets here. More time to spend with him will be so much better than fussing over a blog post 🙂 Good luck on your last full month before baby!

      xoxo, SS

      Southern And Style

    11. Rebecca Hicks

      I’m so impressed with having 40 posts banked. That’s AWESOME, and perfect for being able to spend some time with baby boy when he gets here. <3 And girl… I can't believe you've worked out so much! That's so inspiring!

    12. Lexi

      We had a low-key evening at our friend’s house for NYE. It was nice, except the Buckeyes played like crap. Your goals for January are great! Enjoy the time before he comes. Have a great month! xoxo

    13. Jocelyne

      Yes I got myself scheduled for the month so far but my goal is to keep on going. As far as your 40 banked? That’s really exciting. Happy new year to ya. glad you’ve been resting. -Jocelyne from

    14. DogVills

      Your goals are definitely awesome! I love how you’re making a list and reading a lot of books in a month! You’re amazing.

    15. Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.

      Wow, 40 posts already?! I’m so impressed! I am always so proud of myself when I’ve got 2 drafted up (and even then, it needs some more finalizing the day it goes out). Can’t believe your baby is almost here! So exciting <3 <3 Hope you're feeling better!

    16. Jenny

      You’re on fire with writing posts! I really want to batch content a lot this month and get at least 2 weeks ahead of the game if I can help it.

    17. Erica Nicole

      You should DEFINITELY make sure to have a bunch of dates night before your boy gets here! I’m so impressed with how much you’ve been working out while pregnant! You go girl. Labor is going to be super easy for you!
      Great job with the posts! You should make a post about how you write them all out ahead of time, if you already haven’t!

    18. Jennifer Siegler

      Oh my goodness! You are so focused and on top of your game. I was so lazy when I was pregnant and I barely had things accomplished. I am so impressed with your dedication to your work. 40 blog posts ready. Wow. Anyway, I wish you a safe delivery and hope to see pictures of the precious little one on your blog when the time comes.

    19. Kiara

      Loved reading about your goals and plans for the first month of the year! Good luck with your goals for the month!

    20. Byron Thomas

      I stumbled on your blog at the perfect time. I’ve been reading about the books you’ve been reading. I’m about to start a book club at work and was looking for some good reads. Thanks!

    21. Tiffany VanSickle

      I, too, have made 2017 goals and monthly goals. My goals for this month include $1500 in sales, increasing Instagram followers and email subscribers, running at least 2 times a week, and eating less dessert. (I have issues with will power in that department. haha) Can’t wait to see pics of you little one!!!!!

    22. Carrie

      I am hoping to read 5 books in January and I am already 1 down so 4 more to go! Good luck in the last full month of your pregnancy. I know you are excited to meet your new addition soon! Good luck on your goals.


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