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Wellness Goals

Fitness and Health · Sponsored Post · January 3, 2017

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How is it already 2017? I swear it was just 2015! A new year means new goals, right? I did a general 2017 goals post, I also had a general January Goals, but I wanted to share specifically my 2017 wellness goals with you guys! My health and wellness are HUGE goals of mine this year and I really want to live the healthiest life possible. It helps keep me accountable if I share them! Here’s to hoping!

2017 Wellness Goals

More Green Juice: I love green juice and smoothies but, I find it a lot easier to drink juices. Especially with a go go go lifestyle. With a new baby on the horizon in just a few weeks, I have found my love for Evolution Fresh® (Learn more here). They are truly delicious juices and so easy. Instead of having make a juice (so much time) you can walk right to your fridge and grab one, or better yet even drive through Starbucks and get one!  You can find them in such places as local supermarkets and of course Starbucks.  They are perfect to take to the gym or on a walk!. They are available near you and you can find out where by clicking that link! I love the varieties they come in too. Even Andrew is addicted! We love the Smooth Greens and Kale which is a medley of go-to greens with potassium, a splash of tropical sweetness & a smooth mint finish—and has 7 g of sugar per 8 fl oz. serving. Evolution Fresh cold presses juices using high-pressure processing to help protect nutrients and taste. Plus each bottle contains well over a serving of veggies. WIN!

Move Everyday: It doesn’t have to be an hour of hot yoga, or an intense barre class or run. It can be a 20 minute walk, a 15 minute cardio session, even 10 minutes of yoga while the baby naps. Just something to get me moving every single day!

Better Sleep Habits: I can fall asleep real fast, but I am horrible about putting my phone away, turning out the lights, and going to sleep. The bright light of the screens keeps your brain awake, making it harder for you to fall asleep. I really need to get all the sleep I can before this baby comes too!

Lose Baby Weight in a Healthy Way: I maintained an amazing workout schedule while pregnant. Almost 6 days a week, every week. However, my eating has not been the best. While I have been great with the green juice, those added donuts and drive thru meals aren’t the greatest. I plan to go back to my very clean eating, and that along with moving daily and lots of green juice should do the trick!

More Walks with Andrew: We got a really lovely stroller for the babe, so once the weather warms up a bit I am really hoping for nightly walks with my little family. In the mean time I hope Andrew and I can use the more mild days to take some walks together and get us both moving!

Try New Workout Classes: Once I can workout again post baby, I have a long list of new workout classes I am dying to try! Plus my gym offers so many cool classes that I have been wanting to check out! Thank goodness for the gym childcare!

I would love to know what some of your 2017 wellness goals are! Share below!

Take a sip in a brighter direction with Evolution juices in 2017!

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  • 36 thoughts on “Wellness Goals

    1. Cristina

      I have to admit I have never tried any type of “green juice”, because I fear it will taste awful. But I will definitely give them a try sometimes this year.

    2. Alicia

      I love Evolution Fresh, too! Sometimes it’ll take me a whole day to drink the entire bottle, but I always feel so much better if I’m drinking juice over Diet Coke! I haven’t tried the Sweet Greens one though!

    3. Lynne @adayinthelifeofamumof6

      Love green juices here and this one sounds delicious. Wishing you lots of luck with your new addition when he/she arrives

    4. Helen

      I’m the worst with green juices because I can’t get over the fact that they’re green. They usually taste amazing, but I have to hide them in something else so the color doesn’t turn me off.

    5. Gen

      I see those juices in Starbucks all the time, but I’ve always been afraid to try them because I can’t imagine them tasting very good. I’ve had the Naked green machine smoothies which actually taste really good – would you say the taste is similar?

      I’m hoping to be a little more healthy this year, too! I want to make it to the gym at least 3x a week and make sure I eat healthy, wholesome meals.

      Best of luck to you! Xo
      Gen /

    6. Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.

      I find that most of the green juices that are bottled up tend to contain a lot of sugar! I haven’t checked the Evolution Foods brand out before though. I’ll look into it! I feel like just the act of drinking something green makes me feel like I’ve lost 4 pounds! Haha 🙂

    7. Anita Anderson

      My goal for 2017 is to drink more water. I keep saying that but I do not keep it. Plus side is I stopped drinking soda and it has been 2 yrs now with no soda.

    8. Jennifer Siegler

      What a great way to get that healthy fiber in our diet. I used to have a difficult time shedding off those unwanted post pregnancy pounds. I agree that proper diet and regular exercise will never fail. Thanks for letting me know about Evolution Fresh. I’m getting some of those when I do my grocery shopping this weekend.

    9. Ashley B.

      Yes! I feel like my immune system is so worn down, and I need to start taking better care of myself in 2017, so I’m starting the year off with the whole30 program. I’ve been looking for a low sugar green juice too, so thanks for sharing this one!

    10. Shann eva

      Great goals! I can’t believe your baby will be here so soon. Seems like I was just reading your pregnancy announcement. So exciting! I think you have some great ideas for what to do when baby arrives. That juice sounds amazing.

    11. zim

      I’ve been carrying excess weight for a while now and I plan to lose it all. I plan to be an inspiration for my teenage son although he is doing a good job of losing the weight – he is actually my inspiration.

    12. Our Family World

      I really love your wellness goal, we’re same! I also wanted to be healthy this time. I will check it out about that juice.

    13. Jimmy and Tina

      If you would have asked me a few years ago, I would have said never! But in the past couple of years I really got into making smoothies and drinking veggies I never thought I would and they were quite good, Would love to try sweet greens and lemon and know it would be so healthy

    14. Mistle

      These are all great fitness goals to have!!! I too want to move more. I have a fitbit so my goal is to try to get 250 steps every hour. That may seem small but it’s typically more than what I get M-F working a desk job. I try to have a consistent sleep schedule but that does not always work out. Here is to achieving our fitness goals this year!!!

    15. Keating | Why Hello Lovely

      So many great goals! I’ve slipped with eating too this pregnancy. I’ve maintained my work outs which have helped a ton, but I had a couple months where I was eating whatever I wanted. I’m now hoping to get better eating habits back for the second half of the pregnancy so I can get back on track.

    16. Emily

      Love these tips :). Health and wellness are always top priority on my list! However, I definitely indulged over the holidays and now I have recurring cravings to deal with ugh! Time to get back to unprocessed, natural foods with less fat and sugar :p

    17. Elizabeth O

      This looks like a great way to fill up on healthy veggies throughout the day. I like the organic drink too. I’m maintaining a healthier lifestyle this year by spending less time at the computer and getting out more. We all need to.

    18. Juegos Friv

      You got a lot of great products! I haven’t tried any of them, but I would love to try the Sesame Street Naturals. My daughter has sensitive skin so there are a lot of products she can’t use….


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