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Life · Sponsored Post · March 16, 2017

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If you know me at all or follow my blog for longer than a day you know I love coffee, right? I also have an obsession with mugs. This actually started before I became a coffee drinker. I have cultivated quite the collection over the years.

(Note this is after I got rid of about 50 mugs during my pregnancy purge of all the things)

Something about a set of mugs that don’t match and have nothing to do with on another just makes me happy. I tend to buy mugs whenever I see a cute one or find a great deal.

I have at LEAST one cup of coffee a day if not four. With a new baby it’s been more on the multiple cups of coffee side of things. Community Coffee sent me these super cute mugs along with some coffee recently and the mugs have become some of our favorites.

This one especially reminds me of having coffee in a diner. You know you always see those amazing vintage looking mugs in diners? Love this.

My favorite mug in my collection though is my “blogging day” mug. It’s always the one I go for since every day is a blogging day 🙂 I love the gold and the detailing. It also is the perfect size mug for a home brewed latte or delish cup of coffee.

Weekends are the only times Andrew and I can enjoy a cup of coffee and breakfast together. I savor that time. We have both claimed a couple of the community coffee mugs for our own personal use. We tend to be very territorial about mugs. Thankfully he never goes for my girlie mugs 😉

Do you collect mugs or anything? Tell me about your favorite one below!

To win a year’s supply of Community Coffee and other coffee goodies show me your favorite mug and tag it #ShowYourMug and #contest.  You could be a BIG WINNER!

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  • 38 thoughts on “Mug Life

    1. Julie Pfeifer

      I love to collect mugs. My favorites are a Thomas Kinkade scene and a Dave Matthews fire dancer. Oh, and I love my Oklahoma State mug…and my mug with Angus cattle… and…. a million more. I thnk I need a shirt that says It’s a Mug Life. Do you have those yet?

    2. robin masshole mommy

      I keep seeing all kinds of cute mugs everywhere and feel lame with my plain blue ones. I need to get more cute ones.

    3. Carol ("Mimi")

      I have inadvertently collected a number of coffee mugs over the years, too. Not on purpose, but only because I am too lazy to clean out the cabinet and throw some of them away. There is one special mug, though, that I gave to my father as a gift about 30 years ago. It has a little cartoon animal on the side and the quote: “Whatever you do, don’t make me laugh so hard that coffee comes out of my nose!” After my dad passed away in 2001, my mom was downsizing and moving, and I retrieved that mug from her kitchen cabinet. I will never throw away that coffee mug, and I still feel closer to my dad whenever I drink from it.

    4. Abbey

      I need to clean out my mugs! Haha I have HUGE mug that has penguins on it (my favorite animal) that a friend gave me in college, and it’s definitely my favorite! 🙂

    5. Penny Struebig

      I’m not a coffee drinker, but love hot tea! I’m just starting to accumulate a collection of cute mugs. Do you put the one with gold in the microwave? I’m also afraid to do with my mugs with gold on them.

    6. Divya

      Oh whoa! I thought I had a lotta mugs but you have me beat! I’m with you on the whole, “You can never have enough mugs.” They bring me joy and I love selecting out the one I’m going to drink from that day!

    7. Jaime

      I love those mugs! We have quite the collection at our house – and I don’t drink coffee. (I know. Shame on me.) One of my favorite mugs is a California Raisins mug my dad gave me for Valentine’s Day when I was a kid. Other favorites are Disney mugs and alumni mugs from my alma mater. A good mug is good to have in the house!

    8. Jacey

      I love this post. Those mugs are so cute!! I am the save way with mugs. Hubby thinks we need to get rid of a lot of them but I just love them so much. Different days call for different mugs in my opinion!

    9. lisa

      OMG I LOVE mugs too! I have a whole cupboard full and can tell you why each one is still around and why it makes me smile!

    10. Tilly MyKat

      Oh my definite favourite is the Blogging Day mug as well, I love Gold Foil mugs. The only part that annoys me is that I can’t throw them in the dishwasher, but that’s ok. I could never leave one in the dishwasher long enough, I need coffee too frequently. Haha!

    11. Farrah

      I NEED that blogging day mug! I usually require lots of coffee on those days. I haven’t seen Community coffee before, but we always like trying new brands. I’ll look for it when I grocery shop today.

    12. Kristin Cook

      My cabinet looks soooo similar. I’ve had to figure out a good stacking system so that they all fit. lol.
      I don’t know if I’ve ever had community coffee before. I LOVE the diner-style mug they sent!

    13. Mani Blake

      I recently purchased a Metal Accordion Wall Storage rack from World Market so my mugs could be on display! It’s make it so much easier to see all my cute mugs and cleared out a ton of cabinet space!

    14. Alexis

      I love the top mug! There’s just something so awesome about drinking coffee in a diner. We have a locally owned diner in our small town and it’s my favorite place to get breakfast. It was also one of Brad and I’s first dates.

    15. Tiffany

      Hello!!! My name is Tiffany and I have a Coffee Mug addiction and I’m okay with it!! I currently have 4 shelves full in one cabinet and 3 1/2 in another… I may need to expand a bit because I think I buy at least 2 mugs a week. Coffee is Life. Community Coffee is one of my faves (I have many) I love the smooth taste and aroma.

    16. Lydia B.

      I have this unhealthy obsession with mugs. I need an entire pantry for them–it’s bad. (: There are ENDLESS uses for mugs (but coffee might be my favorite and most often used). I love finding really unique ones at thrift/antique stores and flea markets or garage sales.

    17. Shubham Gohar

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