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Our Move One Year Later

Life · July 6, 2020

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A year ago (July 3rd) we moved into our new house in Dallas. It’s been quite the year with the move, Charlotte arriving in November, then the crazy of the last few months. This post is more just to reflect on the changes of the last year and go more into why we moved in the first place.

Our Move One Year Later

When we moved in July it took a lot longer to make the house feel like home than I would have wanted. I was 5 months pregnant when we moved and it was well over 100 degrees each day. Plus, unlike the first time we moved I also had a toddler to take care of, and if you’ve ever tried to unpack a house with a 2.5 year old running around you know how that goes. The great thing about this house was we had VERY little to do to it. All we really did was have Container Store build out the inside of our master closet, add a pantry, and add a linen closet. We had the spaces for them they just didn’t have shelving. Other than that the house had been completely updated. Sure, I would love to paint our bathrooms, redo them a little, and add some things here and there but in time.

(Our Playroom)

In August Liam started his 2nd year at his pre-school which is only a 5-minute drive from our house vs. 50 minutes in traffic from our old house. I have loved being so involved at his school and having the ability to easily run up there when I need to. It was also much simpler once Charlotte was born to not have her in the car as much.

In November Charlotte was born and we loved bringing her home to this house. It felt right. Celebrating the holidays in this house and with our new baby girl were the absolute best! We also love trick-or-treating with our neighbors and enjoying neighborhood holiday traditions.

Then in March, COVID-19 happened and we spent way more time in this house than we ever thought possible. We really didn’t leave. We purchased a swing set for Liam and eventually Charlotte. We bought a baby pool, and a little splash pad and made what we call “Liam Park.”

When we first moved here I was lucky enough to meet a new friend who turned out to be my neighbor just a few houses down. She has a little boy Liam’s age and they quickly became best friends. Then we ended up having girls 22 days apart. It’s one of those friendships where you feel like you’ve been best friends forever. I also joined a MOPs group locally and got more involved at Liam’s school. I joined our neighborhood ECPTA and also our area’s women’s group this upcoming year. Being involved is very important to me as is volunteering, and it’s something I am very grateful this job provides the time for me to do.

Moving here a year ago is one of the best decisions we’ve made and while I do miss my friends in our old area so much I do still see them all the time. Plus I am so grateful for the new friends I have made. Did I mention on our block alone there are about 10 kids under 3?

Sometimes making a big decision like a move can be scary and the unknowns are always nerve-wracking but I am so happy we made this decision.

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  • 8 thoughts on “Our Move One Year Later

    1. Joline

      That’s awesome Neely. I find that finding new friends and connections is one of the hardest things about moving (we moved 3 times in the last 10 years!).

    2. Stephanie

      This sounds a lot like me! We moved from Orlando, FL to Houston, TX on a whim! But I’ve gotten so involved with my boy’s schools and volunteering and we have made some amazing friends. While I miss all my family in Florida, the move was so good for all of us!

    3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      Glad to know that you have made a good choice and found the perfect home to raise your kids. We did find ours too, and we’ve been staying here for almost twenty years. 🙂


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