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Simple Ingredients For Toddler Smells

Baby/Parenting · Life · Sponsored Post · November 2, 2018

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As you all know, I have a very rambunctious, active toddler. I always say he is ALL boy – which could not be more true. He has two modes: being dead asleep or running around 100 miles per hour and goes from 0 to 100 from the minute he wakes up. He is sweet as can be but loves to get dirty, run around, and make messes – but that’s what toddlers do! I embrace almost everything about his toddler ways, but one thing I cannot get past are the smells that come from his messes with food, the dirt he drags in, and his bodily functions (eek!). Lighting candles to cover up these smells isn’t a safe solution because he might knock them over and I also don’t want him breathing in those fumes. So, Andrew and I have opted for products that have simpler ingredients and are low-risk because they don’t have a flame.

Simple Ingredients For Toddler Smells

We love the new brand PURE Fragrance Co. because it aligns with our feelings about simple ingredients and a lot of the philosophies we try to implement in our home, which you’ve seen on my blog (especially since I had Liam).

We use PURE Fragrance Co. sticks in a vase because they’re a very safe home fragrance product to have with our baby running around. These sticks are something we put on our mantle or on a high shelf, which ensures he can’t get to them. PURE Fragrance Co. products use simple ingredients and are mainly made of fragrance and paper. Since, they’re made of simple ingredients, they last so long! I love this aspect.

There is a long list of ingredients that PURE Fragrance Co. never uses (which can be found in other home fragrance products): parabens, PBTs, phthalates, carcinogens, respiratory sensitizers and reproductive mutagens – just to name a couple. Isn’t it scary to think that our kiddos could be breathing these things in? We’re so thankful to have found a product without harmful ingredients – perfect for households with kids. Plus, Liam has really bad allergies, so we’re all the more excited to have found an alternative to other home fragrance products – like wax melts, candles, reed diffusers, plug-ins, and aerosol room sprays – that are safe, healthy and don’t bother his allergies.

We have always been fans of fragrance sticks and these are PERFECT! The scents smell so good! Andrew’s favorite is Sea Salt + Driftwood because it reminds him of the ocean. I personally love the Cotton scent because it reminds me of fresh laundry. For our car, we use the Sea Salt + Driftwood vent clips as well as Charcoal + Musk car sticks, which are great to have, especially after picking my stinky kid up after he’s been running around all day. Even if this wasn’t the case, I’d still use sticks and vent clips because who doesn’t like their car to smell great? Think about when you have leftovers or take-out food. As much as you may love those tacos, it isn’t great when the smell is still sitting in your car hours later. To use the car sticks you simply hang them from your rear-view mirror, and you clip the vent clips onto your car vents (surprising, right?). It’s super easy!

We also love using the spheres, which can simply be placed in a glass, ceramic or metal bowl. We like keeping these in our guest room and living area, so that whenever friends and family stay over, they can enjoy these wonderful scents with us.

PURE Fragrance Co. is such a great solution for us, and I think it will be for you too! We really strive to support brands that work hard to keep our family safe and happy. If you want to learn more about the story behind PURE Fragrance Co., read about it here. I highly suggest you give it a go. The great news is if you comment below, you’ll have a chance to try PURE Fragrance Co. out for free!

What are your favorite scents? Let me know in the comments section below for a chance to win a FREE Gift Bundle of Car and Home Fragrances! Sweepstakes official rules

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  • 21 thoughts on “Simple Ingredients For Toddler Smells

    1. Annette

      I don’t care much for floral scents as I do outdoorsy/tree scents. I love the smell of Rosemary and this time of year the bushes are readily available for purchase.

    2. Marjie Mare

      I love all those toddler fragrances. Now my younger one is 13. I am getting them for my 3-year-old Goddaughter Olivia.

    3. Kirina

      I love lavender and vanilla, as both are comforting. I love cotton when it’s not overpowering …it’s surprisingly relaxing. These products sound amazing as we try to use only natural fragrances/products for us and our 5 year old.

    4. Susanna

      What a cool company! I am all about natural smells and work hard to keep my home anti-fragrance. I look forward to learning more about these products.

    5. ammu prabha

      We love any scent that is fruity. The floral scents seem to irritate us, so we only stick with orange/apple/etc.

    6. Stephanie

      My boys, especially my oldest who is 5, is the same way! We don’t use candles for the same reasons. I tried a similar scent stick but then my cat was trying to get them. So we’ve switched to essential oils as a way to help all of us without my cat knocking anything over! But I never thought of hanging the sticks in the car, that’s a great idea!!

    7. joshua

      Sea salt and driftwood, I can smell it already! I love fragrance sticks in a vase over burning candles. much safer and less fumes to breath.

    8. Ninad Giradkar

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    9. Clarice

      Wow! This is a great alternative. I also missed lighting scented candles at home since I am worried that it may cause accidents with the kids. I will definitely try this out. It is also a wonderful gift idea this Christmas.

    10. Angela Tolsma

      I haven’t heard of this brand but I am always thankful for products with simple ingredients. I tend to only do essential oils in the house as most other fragrances bother me but I would be curious about this brand.

    11. Tami

      We, too, strive to support brands that work hard to keep our family safe and happy. I will definitely be checking into using PURE Fragrance Co.


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