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5 Things I’m Loving: April 2022

I love any post people write random stuff they are into and that’s what I was feeling today! This month is flying by and I couldn’t let it end without sharing about these 5 things I’m loving that are taking over my brain!


5 Things I’m Loving: April 2022

Reminders Of Him – Colleen Hoover: I still have a book hangover from this book. I read it weeks ago and I still think about it daily. I have been a Colleen Hoover fan for about 10 years and a few of her books I have read multiple times. This one will be one I add to this list. It was such a heartbreaking story of love and redemption and how one mistake can completely change the course of our lives. It’s just such a great book. 10/10 recommend.

Bike shorts: Tis the season for bike shorts! It’s to the point where it’s way too hot to wear leggings to workout classes so bike shorts it is. I have a post coming up sharing all of my favorites at different price points so be on the lookout for that!

Summer House on Bravo: The season is almost over but I really love this show and I honestly may rewatch it from the beginning. If you haven’t watched Summer House and you aren’t a big Real Housewives person then check it out. It’s a great bravo show without being too over the top ridiculous.

ILIA Lip Wrap Reviving Balm: This lip balm is SAVING me right now. My lips have been so dry and I have been using this every day and it’s so great! Definitely in my rotation as one of my favorite lip balms.

Lululemon belt bag: Again I have talked about this 1000 times on this blog but I will sing its praises till the end of time. I am back on my belt bag s*** and I am so happy about it. It’s just so very easy to only have the few things I need to run around. My kids are at the age where all they need are snacks and water so it’s great to not lug a ton.

What is one thing you’re loving lately?

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  1. Lizzie wrote:

    I love these types of posts too! Lip balm is definitely a daily must have for me! need to try that one. Also, I used to be strictly NO bike shorts but now I see the appeal of working out in them rather than leggings lol! So much more useful!


    Published 4.25.22
  2. Deborah wrote:

    I just put that belt bag in my shopping cart! It sounds like a great way to update and modernize my super millennial closet in a small but effective way!

    Published 4.26.22
  3. Amanda wrote:

    Great list! I have the ILIA balm and loving it as well, my lips get so dry so its much needed. If you have Discover+, I recommend checking out Serving the Hamptons if you love Summer House 🙂

    Published 4.27.22
  4. it took me a bit to hop on the bike short trend when it first came back a few years ago but now I much prefer them over short shorts!

    Published 4.28.22