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15 Summer Date Ideas

Life · Married Life · April 21, 2017

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Summer is right around the corner. If you live in the south you probably already feel a bit like it’s summer. I am a huge fan of the warmer months before it gets TOO HOT because it’s the perfect time for dates! I am sharing 15 summer date ideas that are some of our favorites to do!

15 summer date ideas

15 Summer Date Ideas

  1. Drive in movies:movies: We have a few of these on the outskirts of Dallas and I have always wanted to go!
  2. Picnics: This is great for anytime of day, pick up yummy food or make it yourself and enjoy some lunch or dinner with maybe some wine in a pretty environment.
  3. Go see a movie: I mean tried and true. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? We love going to the fancy movie theater where the seats recline and you can order delicious food and even a bottle of wine. Yes please!
  4. Listen to live music: Either an outdoor concert or maybe a restaurant or bar with live music.
  5. Cook at home: Cheap, easy, and PJs!
  6. Go for a bike ride or hike: Staying fit together is always a win
  7. Go to a museum: We have a ton of museums in Dallas and we never go. Making this a priority!
  8. Go to local botanical gardens or nature preserves: A walk through some beautiful scenery.
  9. Go swimming! Something we do not do nearly enough.
  10. Go fishing at a lake. Andrew loves to fish so if your significant other is a fisher this is a fun date idea.
  11. Go to a local carnival/fair: Who doesn’t love rides and fried food?
  12. Do a DIY together: Not a bad way to spend time together doing something you can both enjoy for years to come.
  13. Try a new restaurant: Is there somewhere you’ve been dying to go? GO!
  14. Go dancing: My husband is not a dancer but still a fun time. Maybe after a drink or two!
  15. Get ice cream/yogurt/sno cones: Easy, cheap, and always fun. Bonus to sit outside and enjoy them together!

What are some of your favorite summer date ideas?

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  • 32 thoughts on “15 Summer Date Ideas

    1. Annie

      I’ve never been to a drive in but we have one or two local ones! My ideal summer date is a day spent at the beach, grabbing dinner and a few drinks afterwards and then ice cream!

    2. Alexandra

      I love that the warmer weather is here – makes me want to do outside things. We haven’t lived in Louisville very long, so I’ll have to find out where their gardens are. Thanks for the suggestion!

    3. Divya

      Love these ideas 🙂 We are trying to get back to California for a few weeks this summer (if I can take the time off work!). The heat never gets too bad there!

    4. Dia Darling

      I love this list. I think on my ultimate date bucket list I want to go to arrive in one day. I also want to just build a fork and watch cartoons while eating so much junk food.

    5. Leslie Soto

      So fun! I love this time of year because we can be outside so much more. I want to go to a drive in movie so bad. My husband made a giant projector screen for our backyard, which is fun, but I want the drive in experience, too!

    6. Muna Kenny

      You know what?! I never listed the things I’d love to do with hubby, and reading your list made me realize that we are missing on a lot. I would for sure go for the Picnic and Ice cream 🙂

    7. Anita Anderson

      I like going to paint night with my hubby. It is a fun and lively atmosphere. You meet new people and learn something new.

    8. Trish

      What fun ideas! I love botanical gardens, and especially love carnivals and fairs. Of course, ice cream, yogurt, and sno cones are great!

    9. Neha Saini

      Loved your suggestions! In summer I would like to prefer fun in lively weather. That would be so fun! Because I can’t be outside so much more.

    10. Kristin Cook

      It’s nearly an obsession, but all I really care about in the summer is going swimming at the pool and beach. I crave it all the time and it’s all I want to do. haha

    11. Alicia

      We rarely go out on a date. It’s been a good while, although I do often count the times when we’d go to my dr appts and went for breakfast or lunch after, and had our 23 month old with us 🙂 These are great ideas!

    12. Sara

      I love this list… I’m dying to check out late nights at the DMA or the Nasher on Fridays… though I think the crowds might drive me nuts, so that’s definitely a TBD kind of thing.


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