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5 Wedding Items I Regret Registering For

Life · August 21, 2018

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So I wrote a post about all the wedding gifts we use the most, even now four years later. Some of the things that get used so much I wish we had double of! Now I want to share the other side of the coin. The 5 wedding items I regret registering for. Not that we aren’t happy we have them or that we do not appreciate them (WE DO!) but just items we rarely or never use, things we maybe exchanged, or items that don’t make sense to our lifestyle. I am also not listing the specific brands because we LOVE the brands, the items just don’t make sense for US. That’s not to say these things wouldn’t make sense for others. We are also extremely appreciative of every single gift we got. If we returned anything we exchanged it for something that made more sense… Like our vacuum.

5 Wedding Items I Regret Registering For

China: We don’t host holidays and we aren’t fancy people. We eat mostly at our coffee table and if we get food to go we eat it out of the container. So China is great to have if you plan to use it. We still kept ours and I am hoping to display it in a China cabinet, and maybe one day I will host a fancy dinner party.

Crystal Drinkware: So we registered for this and only ended up receiving one glass. We exchanged it towards our vacuum. Just like above, we are NOT fancy people.

Food Processor: We have a Vitamix that I mentioned in the last post and it does the exact same job. So it just did not make sense for us to have both.

Handheld blender: We still have this but I don’t think we have ever used it. Again we have the Vitamix so a handheld blender doesn’t make a ton of sense for us.

Bar Tools Kit: I am a wine or beer drinker and Andrew drinks crown and coke. So a bar tools kit doesn’t make a lot of sense for us. Most of our friends drink beer and wine so we don’t really NEED bar tools. We kept this just in case though so maybe one day we will use it.

Is there anything you regret registering for?

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  • 19 thoughts on “5 Wedding Items I Regret Registering For

    1. ShootingStarsMag

      China does seem like a typical thing to register for, but that doesn’t always get used – except for maybe holidays. I’m not married, but I think it would be tough to really figure out what to register for!!


    2. [email protected]

      I always wanted to get a china set (and I likely still will but I will probably piece something together from antique store finds) but like you, I am not fancy. Our families aren’t fancy. But I do love antiques so I may just mishmash some old china together! Crystal glassware just isn’t happening in my house…not with my kids LOL

    3. Samantha Carter

      I love this! lol! My husband and I had been living together for a little over a year when we got married, and we had both been living on our own for years before that, so we already had everything we needed to run our home. To us, it didn’t make sense to register for more STUFF that, like you said, we probably wouldn’t, so we registered for our honeymoon instead! Friends and family could purchase part of our flight, a night in our hotel, a fancy dinner, bathing suits, or excursions from our registration website, and it was PERFECT! I highly recommend it to everyone I meet who is in a similar position, or just really wouldn’t use ALL the stuff.

    4. Joanna

      Great read! I can totally relate. I’m not sure I’ve taken my food processor out of the box, and my salad spinner with mandolin slicer scares me!

    5. Pam

      I can understand and agree with you on these items. 2018 is quite different than 30 years ago and China just isn’t used as much as it once was. It seems like it takes up a lot of space for the amount of use most people get out of it.

    6. Kristi McAllister

      I love this post, actually, because it made me think about the time I was married and how we registered for alllll this stuff we didn’t really need! I didn’t register for china, however, because I’m just not a fancy person either and besides, I have my mother’s set that already doesn’t get used. I did register for Gail Pittman pottery though, and back then, it was a hot commodity. I still love every piece of it that I have today so that was a great idea! As far as things I registered for that I didn’t need, a pressure cooker is the one thing I was too scared to use haha! I ended up giving it to my sister in law. I’m with you: some things just aren’t practical. PS. Keep the bar tools kit. That’ll come in handy later. Truly!

    7. Keating | Mainely Keating

      We secretly eloped so we never did a wedding registry or anything like that lol but we wouldn’t have registered for any of this! We’re super basic when it comes to our kitchen. Maybe someday we’ll have nicer plates and silverware for hosting purposes, but currently we live 3,000 miles from all family so there’s no point as of right now haha

    8. Tami

      I was married 23 years ago, so I’m not certain what all we got. As much as you’ve mentioned the Vitamix, I’m getting one for my kitchen.

    9. Ashley

      Haha…definitely China. In 8 years we have used it exactly ZERO times! It was one of those things I thought I was supposed to register for, so I did! lol. Most everything else we use at least occasionally.

    10. Brittany

      We avoided registering for China for this reason. We host a lot, and I found a set of “china” at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, made of porcelain, for $6-$12 a piece. Many guests asked where we were were registered for China and I was able to say we didn’t need it. We would never use anything fancier than what we already had and we avoid pointless clutter collecting dust!


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