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9 At Home Date Ideas (When You Have A New Baby)

Life · Married Life · October 30, 2017

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Dates can be hard to fit into a busy schedule before a baby is thrown into the mix. With a baby it becomes a whole different game of juggling. We try to have at least one date a month out of the house alone, but the other weeks we really try to have at home dates. I know so many of you guys can relate, so I am sharing 9 at home date ideas (when you have a new baby) or even if you’re just busy!

9 at home date ideas

9 At Home Date Ideas

Cook Together: To me this is the most obvious. Put on some music, make a new meal, or an old favorite. You could use a service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron to really make it fun!

Have A Movie Night: You could each pick a movie and have a double feature at home! So fun. Plus you may really like the movie your significant other picks!

Play A Game: My personal favorite. I am a really competitive person and I love games. Even a fun card game like Uno is a good time. Pour a glass of wine or make a fun drink!

Do A Puzzle: I tend to get frustrated with puzzles, but sometimes they can be pretty fun!

Binge A Show: One of my favorite past times. Find a new show on Netflix or Hulu and binge away snuggling with your sweetie!

Build a Palette Or Fort: A good start to the movie or binge night. Make a palette on the floor or a fort like when you were a kid!

Work On A Project Together: We love a good house project whether it’s decorating for a holiday or fixing and organizing. Sometimes even things like this can be made into fun times together. Β Or do a fun DIY refinishing a piece of furniture.

Bake A Treat: This time of year who doesn’t love baked goods? Sugar cookies anyone?

Read Together: Articles on marriage and relationships or just a really interesting book!

There are LOTS of great things you can do at home as a couple without having to pay a babysitter, put on makeup, or you know where things other than PJs!

What would you add to this list?

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  • 35 thoughts on “9 At Home Date Ideas (When You Have A New Baby)

    1. Victoria Onken

      we used to do a lot of home dates when Maya was a baby. May I suggest another one? Get all your pens, pencils, art supplies and a lot of paper and draw portraits of each other (nude if you are feeling up to it). We haven’t laughed so much in a really long time. You focus on each other, you are away from the screens, doing something completely new. The portraits my husband did of me looked like an extra from walking dead, I was crying from so much laughter! It’s a pity I didn’t keep them.

    2. Renee

      This is so sweet. A perfect, simple little reminder for couples. Too often dates are thought of as something that cost money and require a sitter. There really is so much value in the smaller things.

    3. Shelly

      My husband and I love game night. He’s more competitive than me, so I love to see him squirm when I’m winning. Haha! We’ve been together since way before smartphones and I have to say Google has helped prove my correctness during a few word and trivia games. Otherwise he’d fight tooth and nail to be the winner. Thank you, Google! πŸ˜‰

    4. robin rue

      These are all great ideas. My husband and I did a lot of movie nights after we had the kids. It was relaxing and we both really enjoyed it.

    5. sarah

      It is very hard to have time together when there are kids and a baby around. We normally watch movie and eat together when the kids are already asleep.

    6. Alicia

      This is a great idea. We have not actually GONE out on a date since 2015 when i had our 3rd who is now 2 1/2. So, this would be a great alternate πŸ™‚

    7. Sabrina K Fox

      Me and my fiance are the best at binging on a show and cooking together! We’re always busy (we don’t even have a baby yet) so these ideas are good addition to the things we already do. Thank you!

    8. Jolina

      These are great ideas! We don’t have kids but we enjoy home date nights especially when it’s colder and it’s much nicer to stay indoors. Binge watching + wine = πŸ™‚

    9. Katie

      Those are some great date night ideas! The boy and I really enjoy being active, hiking, yoga, running, climbing, etc…but sometimes you just need a good night in. We love just taking it easy, throwing on The Office, and cuddling up.

    10. Anita Anderson

      I would add dancing to the mix. It gets you flowing and you have tons of fun listening to your favorite tracks.

    11. Sami Summers

      This is an excellent idea post. Unfortunately, I never really stressed date night until just recently. Hopefully, we will be able to incorporate some of these in with a toddler AND a new baby soon.


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