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Spring Self-Care Ideas

Beauty · Fitness and Health · Sponsored Post · March 13, 2018

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It’s getting warmer (sort of) and with that means spring time yay! I wanted to share a few spring self-care ideas since it’s getting warmer, and your options are expanding for fun things to do!

Spring Self-Care Ideas

Go For A Walk: I am so so so glad it’s walking weather again! The last few weeks it’s been cold and rainy and we haven’t had much walking weather since November! We love spending time outside and I notice that even taking Liam for a walk improves my mood just getting sun in my face and fresh air.

Get Your Skin In Order: So winter can do some severe damage to skin, kind of like summer can. Now that spring is rolling around it’s time to shed the winter damage and get ready for spring. Two products that have REALLY been helping me are the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips and Biore One Minute Self Heating Mask. I have been using Biore products for YEARS! The mask is so cool! It heats up and draws out all the gunk (surface toxins, oil, dirt). It’s quick (so you don’t have to sit around for 30 minutes like some other masks. It rinses off and your skin feels AMAZING! Charcoal masks are my favorite. It’s also awesome for travel since each box comes with 4 single use packets. You can easily throw one or two in your toiletry bag and be done with it! The strips I’m sure you’ve seen forever! They instantly unclog pores in 10 minutes! They are perfect to use weekly. Using these two together will for sure get your skin ready for spring and summer!

Do an outdoor workout class: I know in Dallas there are tons of free outdoor yoga, barre, pilates, classes constantly! Do some research! These are usually not only great for your body and mind but a great way to meet people and get out there!

Dine Al Fresco-alone: Go to a great restaurant and sit outside, order a cocktail and a delish meal and enjoy time to yourself!

Get New Bedding: Get yourself some pretty spring bedding! It will encourage you to get in bed earlier and get a good nights sleep!

Grow/Buy Flowers: Why wait for someone else to buy you flowers? If you have the outdoor space try your hand at growing some if not then buy yourself some pretty spring blooms! It will brighten up your space and your day!

What is something you do for spring self-care?

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  • 17 thoughts on “Spring Self-Care Ideas

    1. ShootingStarsMag

      Ooh those masks seem nice. I have a few masks that I really should bust out and use; I guess I’ll wait for it to really get warm. It was snowing last night. LOL

      I’m SO ready to be able to walk outside again!


    2. Brandy

      I love Biore, they are a great brand to help keep our faces looking great. In the past I have tried there other product lines with much success. Thanks for sharing this charcoal option, I must go get it!

    3. Scott

      We’re dying to go for walks but it just won’t get warm enough here! They say by the weekend we should see 50’s, so maybe by then!

    4. Ave

      You have some great ideas for self-care! I’m a huge fan of facial masks but I have never tried and self-heating mask before I think. Have to give the Biore one a try!

    5. Jeanine

      Once baby arrives I’d love to do an outdoor workout class. That would be a lot of fun and actually probably keep me on track!


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