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Summer Date Ideas

Life · Married Life · May 8, 2018

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Oh summertime. If we ever fully get summer weather! Something about summer really makes me want to go on more dates. Maybe it’s because I feel like we have so many more options. Today I am sharing a few summer date ideas in case you need some new ones!

Summer Date Ideas

Drive In Movie: I swear I will have this on every list possible mostly because I am dying to do it. We have one about an hour out of town and I swear one day I will get there.

Date Day In A Nearby Town: Drive to a small town or larger town not too far away and explore together. Have lunch, a drink, window shop. Bonus if you leave your phone in your purse.

Patio Drinks: Find a cool spot and order yummy drinks just talking and people watching.

Water Park/Amusement Park: If you are more of the adventurous type head to a water park or amusement park and ride some crazy rides and have kid style fun!

Dance Class: Again for the more adventurous type, go take a dance class together then go show off your moves!

Art Museum: If you have an art museum that has some outdoor exhibits even more fun!

Try New Outdoor Restaurants: So many great restaurants open in Dallas and I am sure every city. Go try somewhere new!

Have a pool day with fun floats and drinks: If you have a pool or a neighborhood pool get some floats, some fun drinks and spend the day hanging out in the sun! Don’t forget the SPF!

What are some summer date ideas you have?

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  • 25 thoughts on “Summer Date Ideas

    1. robin rue

      You have so many fun ideas here. We will be at the beach all summer long, so we will have a few picnic dinners there I’m sure.

    2. candy

      During the summer we go for long walks and drives. See something we get out and explore. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a few hours to just ourselves.

    3. Meagan

      Great ideas! People watching always makes a date great!

      I did a similar kid’s summer bucket list plus things to do in Dallas recently that would coordinate great with your post! 🙂


    4. Jana

      Ahhh these all sound so great and fun! I’ll probably do them all this summer haha 🙈 thanks for sharing!

    5. Brandy

      I am so happy about summer. The sunshine just makes me so happy. I don’t even care about the warmth, the sun boosts me (vitamin D). I don’t have a significant other anymore, but I think date night with girl friends may be due!

    6. Courtney

      These are awesome summer date ideas. I think my favorite would have to be a day date in a nearby town…sounds like so much fun! I’ll have to make sure we are able to do that at least once this summer, thanks for sharing!

    7. Samantha

      I love the patio drinks idea. We have a deck in our back and we really should just sit out there on the deck and have a drink. It’s such a gorgeous scenery to see the rest of the neighborhood.

    8. Peter

      I’m a pick some stuff up at the fresh fruit market, bakery and bevy store kinda guy. Find a nice open space or beach and instant picnic. I miss the old drive in dates, I think there is only one or two left around hre

    9. Heather

      We try to find activities that aren’t the kids’ favorite when we go out. We love doing things together as a family, but it’s important to have some adult time too. Love the idea of taking a class together.

    10. brianne

      We are so overdue for a date night! These are great ideas for summertime. I love the drive in movie idea!


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